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Softball Factory Fan: Lady Orioles Gold – Coach, Randy Mohr

June 9th, 2011  |  Published in News, Video  |  1 Comment

Dear Lea Ann & Jeff,

The Softball Factory's videoing and player evaluation process was a fabulous experience for our team and players. The knowledge, structure, and professionalism by the Softball Factory personnel and Lea Ann Jarvis was very impressive. Our players seemed to respond extremely well to your drills, stations, time trials, and method of communication set forth during the filming session. All our players looked relaxed and not tense which is why we think this was a successful session. As well, we thought the evaluations were fair and honest, and we will use them as a motivation tool to get our players to continue to work hard on and off the field. We expect the next evaluation and film session we have with the Softball Factory will show much improvement by each and everyone of our players. We have already started attaching our player's Softball Factory website links to our team website, player profiles and our players individual emails in which they send out to college coaches. Therefore, we truly see the benefit of committing to such a program which clearly provides more exposure and honest information to college coaches. What extremely impressed our parents was the ability to have access to a website link which includes a player profile, player video, and a third partyplayer evaluation all in one. Again, thanks so much and we look forward to building a continued relationship with the Softball Factory.

Wow! How excitedour team was to meet and work with Lea Ann.


Randy Mohr
Lady Orioles Gold



  1. Jill says:

    October 27th, 2011at 7:49 pm(#)

    We live in Maryland and my daughter has been playing Little League, Travel Ball and High School Softball. I am wonder ing how she got this “Invitation” and if it is Legit. I would love for her to do this but not sure of anyone else who has. Please help