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Top Players: St. Davids, PA

November 18th, 2011  |  Published in Recruiting

Players are listed in alphabetical order and are chosen based upon their workout and overall projectability.

12-13 Age Group
Aryah Aungst | 3B | 5’5/120 | Downingtown East | Chester County Stars | 2016
Aryah is very athletic and aggressive at 3B with a strong arm. She is very fluid with her transfer and release. She has a strong athletic stance in the box with good coverage of the zone.

14-18 Age Group
Morgan Cox | SS/UT Inf. | 5’3/115 |  Halifax | Juniata Jaguars | 2015
Morgan has  great range at SS and a solid glove. She makes smooth transitions and has a quick release paired with a strong and accurate arm. In the box she is confident and aggressive and her bat has a great pop with solid connection through the zone.