2014 Under Armour Fall Classic – Team Rosters & Scouting Reports

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PLEASE NOTE: Players that are written up on the scouting blog were identified by our scouting staff based on the demonstration of notable tool(s) or skill(s). While we do not keep stats, we are watching for standout performers on the mound, at the plate, in the field and on the bases.


Angels Gold

#6 Paige Holmes – C/SS | R/R | 2016 | Bolles HS | Jacksonville, FL
11/21 – Solid, athletic build. Strong arm behind the plate, quick on her feet, moves well. She frames well, and blocks with the correct form. Offensively, she has home run power, swings hard, and consistently puts the ball in play.

#3 Jessica Johnson – 3B | R/R | 2015 | Aquinas HS | Warrenville, SC
11/21 – Left handed hitter with solid opposite field power. She has good mechanics and hits the ball where it’s pitched. Defensively, she makes the plays, has agile range, and defends the hot corner well.

#56 Cierra Peebles – RHP | R/R | 2015 | Swainsboro HS | Swainsboro, GA
11/22 – Smooth pitcher with good velocity. She spins the ball well, keeps her screwball tight to produce ground ball outs. She is in control on the mound, and shows confidence.

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Florida Storm Gold

#25 Casey Gerhard – C | 5’8″/140 | R/R | 2015 | Home Schooled & Dual Enrolled | Clermont,FL
11/22 – Tall, athletic body style. Line drive hitter with lots of power. Leader on the field, defensively sound behind the plate.

#33 Kaitlyn Jensen – SS | 5’9″/155 | R/R | 2017 | Melbourne, FL
11/22 – Big, tall, athletic kid. Line drive hitter, with home run power. Stays inside the ball and works to get to extension. Defensively, she has good hands and as potential to be a collegiate third baseman.

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SC Bandits

#99 Hannah Price – RHP/1B | R/R | 2015 | West Oak HS | Seneca, SC
11/22 – True power hitter with a smooth swing. Always a long ball threat, consistently works up the middle. Fluid pitcher that works the corners. Works ahead in the count and attacks hitters.

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Lady Falcons

#13 Ashley Becker –  LHP | 5’5″/115 | L/L | 2018 | New Smyma Beach | Edgewater, FL
11/22 – On the mound, she hits her spots well, makes the glove pop, and uses both sides of the plate. Offensively, she is a good, consistent hitter. She has a great approach, swings hard.

#9 Kylie Young – SS/2B | 5’6″/145 | R/R | 2015 | Astronaut | Titusville, FL
11/22 – Solid, consistent hitter. Fluid swing and selects good pitches. Aggressive base runner that looks to take the next bag. Defensively, she has good range, a smooth transfer, and a strong arm.

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Severna Park Green Hornet

#22 Shaina Reed – RHP/SS | R/R | 2015 | Polytech HS | Frederica, DE
11/22 – Good power at the plate. Selective hitter that waits on her pitch. Defensively, she has a smooth approach, good mechanics, quick transfer, and a strong arm. On the bases she has good speed and reacts on her instincts.

#72 Alyssa Allender – RHP | S/R | 2016 | Glen Burnie HS | Baltimore, MD
11/22 -11/22 – Great presence in the box, exudes confidence, on time rhythm. She does a good job of letting the ball travel deep into the hitting zone. Hit an opposite field home run. Good speed on the bases. Back to Top

Chain Softball

#5 Shelby Wilson – SS/3B | 5’10″/130 | R/R | 2016 | Effingham County | Clyo, GA
11/22 – Gap to gap, consistent hitter. She has a smooth swing and does a good job of using her lower half. Defensively, she exudes confidence, plays through the ball, transfers quickly, and has a strong arm.

#21 Samantha Mault – RHP | 5’9″/140 | R/R | 2016 | Richmond Hill HS | Richmond Hill, GA
11/22 – Mixes speeds exceptionally well. Tops out in the high 50’s with her change up in the mid 40’s. Uses her screw ball to attack the batters hands and to produce ground balls.

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Softball Factory

#9 Bonnie Jean Tijerina – 1B | 5’8″/160 | R/R | 2016 | United HS | Laredo, TX
11/21 – Does a good job of moving her feet on defense. Great command of her position. She pushes out, gets to the short hop, and shows agile range. Offensively, she has great pitch selection and a strong, aggressive swing. Hustles down the line with above average speed. Uplifting teammate.

#14 Kaitlyn Bowman – LHP | 5’10″/150 | L/L | 2016 | Douglas HS | Minden, NV
11/21 – Good presence on the mound, works the corners, and has great command of her pitches. Consistent outside pitch to right handed batters. She fields her position well and is aware of the game situations. Offensively, she works up the middle, stays inside the ball and shows gap to gap power.

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Georgia Fire Michaud

#6 Madeline Bryson – SS | 5’6″/125 | R/R | 2016 | White County HS | Cleveland, GA
11/22 – Defensively, she has agile range and a strong arm. Makes the back hand play in the hole. Offensively, she lets the ball travel, hits the ball where it is pitched, and works up the middle. Above average speed on the bases.

#15 Faith Dickerson – RHP | 5’7″/145 | R/R | 2015 | Central Gwinnett HS | Lawrenceville, GA
11/22 – Smooth pitcher with a controlled approach. Above average speed and spins the ball exceptionally well. Excellent change up! Offensively, she has an athletic set up, fluid swing, and exudes confidence.

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Team FLA 18u Gold

#4 Coryn Miner – 1B | 5’8″ | R/R | 2016 | Admiral Farragut Academy | Saint Petersburg, FL
11/22 – Spins the ball exceptionally well. Uses her curve/screw combination to attack batters. Works both sides of the plate. Offensively, she has oppo power, swings at good pitches, and looks athletic in the box.

#8 Mackenzie Ward – RHP/1B | 5’6″ | R/R | 2015 | Berkeley Prep | Tampa, FL
11/22 – Gets people to chase her pitches out of the zone. Jumping rise ball and consistently fools hitters.

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Clearwater Lady Bombers

#2 Carlee Lucas – RHP | 5’10″/160 | R/R | 2016 | Dixie Hollins HS | Kenneth City, FL
11/22 – Tall, powerful frame. Consistently throws in the upper 50’s, low 60’s. Great spin on each pitch. She works both sides of the plate and has a consistent change up that keeps batters off balance.

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Jax Storm Gold

#11 Sam Howard – 3B | 5’5″/130 | R/R | 2016 | Atlantic Coast | Jacksonville, FL
11/22 – Tall, slim frame. Offensively, she stays up the middle with a fluid swing. She exudes confidence in the box and picks good pitches. Defensively, she has a strong arm and moves well side to side. Good speed on the bases.

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Gainesville Gators Gold 18u

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Central Florida Blazers

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Lake County Tigers Navy

#00 Danielle Gomez – SS/C | 5’6″/133 | R/R | 2015 | Crystal River HS | Citrus Springs, FL
11/22 – Definite gamer. Loves to dive and make the advanced play. She has a smooth and confident backhand approach in the hole. Danielle has a strong, accurate throwing arm across the diamond.

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Tampa Bay Velocity Gambino

#13 Celine Kordon – RHP/3B | 5’6″/199 | R/R | 2017 | Nature Coast HS | Spring Hill, FL
11/22 – Consistent gap to gap hitter with home run power. Selective at the plate, waits for a good pitch. On the mound, she spins the ball well. Throws to both sides of the plate and mixes speeds well.

#32 Bailea Robinson – 3B/1B | 5’5″/150 | S/R | 2015 | Fivay HS | Trinity, FL
11/22 – Solid opposite field power. Approaches at bat with a plan in mind. She swings hard and knows what she wants. Smooth on defense, works hard, accurate throws.

#88 Rebecca Boesen – RHP/2B | 5’5″/148 | R/R | 2016 | Southeast HS | Bradenton, FL
11/22 – Above average speed. Attacks batters with a curve, screw, rise combination. Tight spin on her screw ball. Gets batters to chase her rise and uses her curve off the plate for a strike out pitch to rightys.

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Angels +

#12 Ashley Silverson – OF | 5’5/125 | R/R | 2016 | Wayne County | Hortense, GA
11/21 – Athletic, lean body style. Compact swing, looks easy, level at contact, creates back spin, fast.

#1 Graceanna Crosby – C | 5’3″/117 | R/R | 2016 | South Effingham HS | Guyton, GA
11/21- Small, scrappy kid. Short, compact swing, good hands, patient at the plate, good rhythm, stays balanced. Defensively, she is a spark plug, quick transfer, agile range.

#6 Abby Todd – RHP/1B | 5’10″/150 | R/R | 2015 | Ware County HS | Waycross, GA
11/22 – Sneaky pitcher. Consistently 58-59 mph. Team leader, positive energy on the field. Offensively, she is a line drive hitter with decent speed on the bases.

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Charlotte Magic

#10 Emily Ward – C/3B | 5’6″/135 | R/R | 2016 | Hickory Grove Christian | Charlotte, NC
11/22 – Strong, athletic frame. Offensively, Emily keeps her weight back, lets the ball get deep, and explodes through contact. She has home run power to all fields. When playing 3rd base she is not afraid to get close to the batter. Emily has a fluid transition and strong arm when throwing across the diamond.Back to Top

Lady Lightning 18u

#12 Peyton Day – SS | R/R | 2019 | Greensboro, NC
11/22 – Swings hard. Selective at the plate and quick on the bases. Consistent hitter that works hard. Defensively, she has good fundamentals, above average arm strength, and gets dirty.

#33 Jenna Green – RHP | R/R
11/22 – Good velocity, keeps batters off balance by mixing up speeds. She locates the ball well and creates good movement off the plate. Good composure and a fluid motion.

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Central Florida Sting – 18 Red

#88 Jessie Grissom – SS/OF | 5’5″/156 | R/R | 2015 | Hagerty HS | Chuliota, FL
11/22 – Consistent, line drive hitter that works top half. She does a good job of hitting the ball back up the middle. Defensively, she is a scrappy player that plays with heart. Gets dirty, makes good decisions, and throws the ball well.

#22 Alex Thomas – C/1B | 5’7″/140 | R/R | 2016 | Foundation Academy | Orlando, FL
11/22 – Consistant gap power with occasional home run power. Behind the plate she blocks well and has a strong arm. She has an athletic setup and works hard to frame for her pitchers.

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Lake County Tigers Orange

#12 Katrina Lanier – RHP | 5’8″/152 | R/R | 2015 | Leesburg HS | Lady Lake, FL
11/22 – Keeps the ball low in the zone, produces ground ball outs, works ahead in the count. Uses her drop as her best pitch and mixes in a change up well.

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Rebel Pride

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Florida Storm Ellen

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Georgia Academy Power 97 Blue

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Pinellas Warriors 18u

#18 Kaeleen Koehler – 1B/P | 5’8″/175 | 2016 | Central HS | Week Wachee, FL
11/21 – Home run power, drives the ball to opposite field, lets the outside pitch get deep. Defensively she communicates well, takes control, moves well side to side, makes the play.

#6 Samantha Ramasanto – P/3B | 5’5″/160 | 2015 | East Lake High School | Palm Harbor, FL
11/21 – Throws in the high 50’s, has good movement, changes speeds exceptionally well, athletic presence in the circle. She throws an excellent change up that dives into right-handed batters. Complements a hard throwing pitcher well. Knows her strengths.

#7 Cassidy Roberts – SS | 5’9″/135 | 2016 | Sunlake HS | Land O Lakes, FL
11/22 – Consistently hits the ball hard. Gap to gap power. Above average speed on the bases and takes advantage of the defense. Athletic shortstop that plays through the ball and has a strong arm.

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Triangle Lightning 18u (Moose)

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East Coast XPlosion

#14 Avery Wheatley – SS/CF | 5’8″/140 | S/R | 2017 | Delmar Jr. Sr. High | Delmar, DE
11/22 – Plays through the ball at shortstop, transitions well, above average arm strength. She is aggressive on the bases, clocked at 2.65 stealing 1st to 2nd.

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Team Conqueror Softball

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#13 Raven Bollar – CF/SS | 5’7″/135 | R/R | 2015 | Hawkinsville Pulski County | Hawkinsville, GA
11/21 – Fields with soft hands out in front of her body. Offensively, she has a good finish at the extension position. Quick bat, keeps her hands inside the ball.

#66 Torie Holmes – C/3B | 5’1″/143 | R/R | 2015 | Crisp County HS | Cordele, GA
11/21 – Athletic presence, gap to gap hitter, quick hands. Defensively, she has a strong arm and makes accurate throws. She is an aggressive player that controls the defense.

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Blackhearts 18u

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SOWEGA Coyotes

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Yak Fastpitch

#28 Alexa Panzano – SS | 5’5″/130 | R/R | 2016 | Mount Tabor | Winston-Salem, NC
11/22 – Tall, strong kid with an athletic swing. She takes a good first step on the infield and plays through the ball. Alexa is a determined player that shows her passion for the game.

#6 Johna Mizzi – OF | 5’6″/136 | R/R | 2015 | Trinity | Archdale, NC
11/22 – Small frame, athletic style. Simple swing, takes the pitcher deep in the count. Johna is not afraid to foul off many pitches before finding the right one. She makes adjustments quickly.

#1 Ashley Davis – RHP | 5’4″/125 | S/R | 2016 | Mooresville | Mooresville, NC
11/22 – Ashley is a talented spin pitcher that locates well. She relies on her screw & rise to produce strike outs and ground outs. Ashley doesnt make many mistakes, also gets a lot of swing and misses. Consistent on offense as well.

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Georgia Elite Gamers

#20 Elizabeth Massinghill – SS | 5’10/130 | R/R | 2016 | Dodge County HS | Eastman, GA
11/22 – Defensively receives with soft hands, takes a good first step, agile range side to side. Makes routine and advanced plays. Offensively, she is a consistent hitter that works up the middle, right side.

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FCA SC 18u

#1 Sydney Patterson – OF/2B | 5’2″/105 | S/L | 2017 | Easley High | Easley, SC
11/21 – Athletic, lean body style. Can slap and hit from the left side of the plate. She has good hands to contact and barrel control. Defensively, she hustles to the ball, gets good reads, very strong arm, and knows how to get behind the ball. Runs the bases well with a ton of speed.

#11 Jordan Harris – C | 5’8″/165 | R/R | 2015 | Enka HS | Asheville, NC
11/22 – Good hands at the plate. Ability to stay back on a change up. Maintains cantered balance throughout her swing. Jordan is a consistent gap to gap hitter with home run power.

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East Cobb Legends

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Flagler Force Black

#22 Kaitlyn Bennett – 2B/SS | 5’6″/130 | R/R | 2015 | Flagler Palm Coast | Brunnell, FL
11/22 – Gap to gap hitter with a strong build. She is consistent at the plate with home run capabilities. Kaitlyn has a smooth swing and gets to extension. On defense she is very focused and always backs up the second play.

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Team Worth NC

#12 Autumn McKeon – C/SS | 5’2″/130 | R/R |  2017 | South Rowan HS | China Grove, NC

11/21 – Aggressive behind the plate. She frames well, shows hard work and dedication, and has enthusiasm for her teammates.

#3 Lindsay Hoyt – SS | 5’6″/130 | R/R | 2016 | Lincoln Charter | Charlotte, NC

11/21 – Athletic kid with a strong arm. She has good footwork and moves well from side to side.  Hard worker that shows passion for the game.


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Coral Spring Panthers

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Mid Georgia Panthers

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Georgia Force Burgett

#10 Allye Sneed – SS/2B | 5’4″/130 | S/R | 2015 | South Gwinnett HS | Snellville, GA
11/22 – Slaps from the left side of the plate with good footwork. She gets out of the box quickly and hustles down the line. Defensively, she has good instincts and field awareness. Potential collegiate second baseman.

#8 Breanna Burgett – C/3B | 5’2″/155 | R/R | 2015 | Whitewater HS | Fayetteville, GA
11/22 – Power hitter with above average speed and a smooth swing. Athletic build, looks good behind the plate. Good arm, works hard.

#25 Savannah Hatcher – RHP/1B | 5’5″/155 | R/R | Roswell HS | Roswell, GA
11/22 – Good composure on the mound and fields her position well. She has good tight movement on her screw ball. Fluid motion, works hard.

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Georgia Select Wade

#11 Courtney Alexander – SS/3B | 5’6″125 | R/R | 2016 | Madison Co. | Hull, GA
11/21 – Defensively, she plays through the ball, transfers smoothly, and has a strong arm. She is quick on the bases and does a good job of covering the bags.

#26 Brittany Smith – C/OF | 5’1″/120 | R/R | 2016 | Morgan Co. | Madison, GA
11/21 – Consistent base hit hitter with pop at times. She has a strong arm and blocks exceptionally well. She is also an above average runner on the bases.

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Team NC Elite Troutman

#2 Marrah Troutman – 3B | 5’4″/140 | R/R | 2015 | Forestview HS | Belmont, NC
11/22 – Strong stature. She consistently hits the ball hard to the gaps. Excellent base runner, very scrappy, reacts on instinct. Defensively she takes control of the infield. She never stands still or quiet. Legit ready position, keeps her feet moving, gets dirty. True leader.

#10 Bailey Rhoney – RHP | 2015 | Matthews, NC
11/22 – Mixes up her pitches well. Spin pitcher that keeps hitters off balance with a solid change up. Works hard to get ahead and produce ground balls.

#6 Emma Swenson – RHP | 2015 | Matthews, SC

11/22 – Good presence on the mound, solid change up, keeps hitters off balance by mixing up speeds. Forces a lot of pop ups and works to jam hitters to create ground balls to third base.

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The Charlotte Starz 18U Elite

#9 Braelyn Cooper – LHP/1B | 5’9″/160 | R/L | 2018 | Hough HS | Huntersville, NC
11/22 – Great velocity for a freshman. Gets ahead in the count and limits her walks. She has great movement on her screwball, keeps it tight on righties to produce the roll over ground ball. D1 Prospect.

#23 Shayla Thompson – OF | 5’5″/125 | S/R | 2018 | Maiden HS | Newton, NC
11/21 – Slapper that can bunt for a base hit. Super fast kid that is a threat on the bases. Above average arm defensively, makes the plays.

#19 Leigh Ann Charles – RHP | 5’2″/150 | R/R | 2015 | Person HS | Timberlake, NC
11/21 – Smooth pitcher with a solid curve, screw combo. She also has a good off speed that keeps batters off balance. She works hard and has good mound presence.

#8 Leah Murray – SS/CF | 5’10″/150 | L/R | 2015 | Hough HS | Huntersville, NC
11/22 – Has a full arsenal of slapping skills. True triple threat with great speed. Defensively, she is smooth at shortstop and communicates well with others. She plays through the ball and continues to keep her feet moving.

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Georgia Aces

#11 Ally Petering – 2B | 5’2″/105 | R/R | 2017 | East Jackson Comprehensive | Jefferson, GA
11/21 – Speed player that has the ability to execute in pressure situations. Athletic build and works hard on the field.

#27 Nicole Carver – 3B | 5’9″/145 | R/R | 2017| East Jackson Compressive HS | Jefferson, GA
11/21 – Tall, athletic player with a ton of power. She has a short, compact swing that produces gap to gap hits. Defensively, she has a good arm and is fast on the bases.

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Angels1 6u

#2 Maggie Greer – SS | 5’5″/130 | R/R | 2017 | Pinewood Christian Academy | Glennville, GA
11/22 – Plays through the ball, good footwork on the double play, smooth all around. Consistent at the plate, hits to all fields, shows confidence.

#6 Carolina Pickney – 1B | 5’10″/120 | R/R | 2016 | Savannah Country Day | Savannah, GA
11/22 – Has a plan at the plate, consistent contact hitter. Works hard on defense, made a great play at the fence. Good fundamental athlete.

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SoftballFactory 16U

#7 Grayson Radcliffe – SS/C | 5’6″/130 | R/R | 2017 | Patrick Henry HS | Glen Allen, VA
11/22 – Defensively, she has smooth hands and moves across the field well. She has the ability to throw on the run, and make tough plays look easy. Offensively, she has a quick swing and generates power from the ground up. She has an approach at the plate and executes it well.

#9 Skyler Shellmyer – SS/OF | 5’4″/120 | L/R | 2018 | Urbandale HS | Urbandale, IA
11/22 – Defensively, she is smooth, has a good arm, and plays through the ball. Offensively, she has a fluid swing, exudes confidence in the box, and shows consistency. Skyler is a super athletic kid that will play at the next level.

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FCA SC 16u

#16 Danielle Harris – OF | 5’4″/155 | L/R | 2017 | Enka High | Asheville, NC
11/22 – Aggressive base runner, reacts on instincts, takes advantage of the defense. Solid outfielder that covers ground side to side.

#37 Samantha Schmidt – RHP/1B | 5’5″/155 | R/R | 2016 | TC Robertson | Fletcher, NC
11/22 – Generates force from the ground up, quick to contact, squares the ball up. Solid contact hitter, works up the middle, gets to extension.

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Black Widows

#1 Kelkcee Fulton – SS/2B | 5’0″/116 | S/R | 2016 | Greenville HS | Greer, SC

11/21 – Great speed on the bases with an aggressive mindset. She has the ability to bunt for a hit at the plate. Above average glove work.

#9 Kayly Dickson – RHP/SS | 5’4″/154 | R/R | 2016 | Woodmont HS | Piedmont, SC

11/21 – Consistant in the mid 50’s. Good presence on the mound. She likes to work the vertical zone. Changes levels well. Solid pitcher that did well for her team.

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Carolina Stingers Elite

#11 Tatyana Mars – RHP | 5’5″/135 | R/R | 2017 | Pine Forest HS | Linden, NC
11/21 – Strong kid. She attacks each batter, uses good setup pitches, and maintains tight spin while locating in and out. Screw ball is her best pitch. Also, she is a consistent hitter at the plate.

#23 Jordan Dean – SS | 5’7″/130 | R/R | 2017 | Southview HS | Fayetteville, NC
11/22 – Tall, athletic kid. Strong approach, smooth swing, great power. Hits the inside pitch exceptionally well. Solid on defense. Great arm, sound fundamentals, shows her athleticism.

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Team BuckedUp

#18 Payton Germer – C/3B | 5’9″/160 | R/R | 2017 | Hagerty HS | Chuluota, FL
11/21 – Tall, athletic kid. Great leader behind the plate. She talks and takes charge of the infield and pitchers. Payton blocks the ball well with the correct mechanics. She has a great arm, and truly stands out from the beginning.

#12 Kasey Fava – CF/IF | 5’9″/116 | L/R | 2017 | Lake Mary HS | Sanford, FL
11/21 – Tall lefty slapper. Does a good job of deadening the ball in front of the plate. Kasey has a ton of speed. Legit short game.

#8 Madison Urban – 2B/OF | 5’5″/129 | R/R | 2018 | Oviedo HS | Geneva, FL
11/22 – Smooth, powerful swing. Stays through the ball and works to get to the extension position. Gap to gap hitter with home run capabilities.

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Georgia Rockers Branch

#15 Grace Coalson – 1B | 5’6″ | R/R | 2017 | Burke County HS | Waynesboro, GA
11/21 – Good leader and field awareness. Stands out as a leader on the field. Works hard. Potential

#14 Jace Bennefield – RHP | 5’6″ | R/R | 2017 | Midland Valley HS | North Augusta, SC
11/22 – Smooth mechanics with a quick and sharp release. She moves her curve well, and is not afraid to jam hitters. Jace drives well off the mound and does a good job of using her legs.

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High Intensity 16u

#5 – Cassidy Mehr – C/1B | 5’9″/165 | R/R | 2016 | Sail HS | Tallahassee, FL
11/21 – Athletic build, power hitter with correct mechanics. Good presence behind the plate, knows how to frame. Commands the zone. Works hard.

#6 Katelynn Inness – RHP/OF |5’7″/141 | R/R | 2018 | Niceville, FL | Crestview, FL
11/21 – Great movement on all pitches, good arm swing, and locates the ball well. She relies on her screw and curve combination. Her uses her high screwball as a good chase pitch. Back to Top

Carolina Aftershock 16u

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Georgia Fire Michaud

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Central Florida Red Raiders

#3 Erin Crawford – RHP | 5’7″/130 | R/R | 2016 | Hagerty | Chuluota, FL

11/21 – Petite build. Keeps the ball low in the zone. Good drop ball with tight spin, she shifts her weight correctly over her front foot to create the accurate drop.

#18 Sydney Purvis – OF/C | 5’3″/135 | R/R | 2017 | University | Debary, FL

11/21 – Strong, aggressive swing. Great base runner that makes instinctive actions. She reads the pitches and always takes the extra base.

#27 Josie Waldron – OF/3B | 5’6″/150 | R/R | 2016 | Astronaut | Titusville, FL

11/21 – Great demeanor on the field. Speaks up, communicates well with her teammates. Hits with pop, good range in the outfield, strong arm. Good all around athlete.

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Lady Lightning East

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#13 Raven Dollar – CF/SS | 5’7″/135 | R/R | 2015 | Hawkinsville, HS | Hawkinsville, GA

11/21 – Fields out in front of her body with soft and sure hands. Offensively, she finishes well at the extension position. She is an athletic kid that shows her hard work .

#66 Torie Holmes – C/3B |5’1″/143 | R/R | 2016 | Crisp County HS | Cordele, GA

11/21 – Athletic presence in the box, gap to gap hitter, quick hands. Defensively, she has a strong arm and makes accurate throws. Aggressive player that controls the defense.

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Lady Sharks


#10 Haley Dickerson – P/1B/0F | 5’6″/135 | R/R | 2018
11/21 – Tall, athletic build. Good mechanics, works both sides of the plate, great movement on curve ball, smooth change up, has potential to add velocity, great upside. Likes to challenge lefty’s with an inside pitch.

#15 Cevana Wood – 1B | 5’6″/145 | R/R | 2018 | Effingham HS | Rincon, GA
11/22 – Hits the ball well to both sides of the field. She is a smart and instinctive baserunner that puts pressure on the defense. She picks the ball well at 1st base and stretches correctly to thrown balls. Back to Top

Firecrackers O’Neal

#74 Victoria Roper – CF | 5’5″/125 | R/L | 2018 | Calhoun HS | Calhoun, GA
11/22 – Smart and aggressive baserunner with speed. She is not afraid to advance bases on defensive miscues. Offensively, she slaps from the left side of the plate. Victoria reads the defense well and uses the ground to reach base. Defensively, she gets good reads on balls and takes a hard first step.

#12 Megan Whiten – C/SS | 5’6″/160 | R/R | 2017 | Heritage HS | Conyers, GA
11/22 – Offensively, she hits the ball to both sides of the field with power. She is an instinctive baserunner that takes advantage of the defense. Megan is a team player that works hard to get her job done.

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Coastal Lightning 16u Gold

#8 Riley McTiernan – SS | 5’5″/125 | S/R | 2018 | Carolina Forest | Myrtle Beach, SC
11/21 – Consistent line drive hitter with a smooth swing. Aggressive base runner with good speed. Defensively, she is smooth on ground balls, has agile range, and a quick transfer.

#21 Neci Hemingway – RHP/1B | 5’9″/168 | 2018 | Conway HS | Conway, SC
11/22 – Fluid mechanics with solid leg drive. She has great spin and truly has an effective curve ball. Neci is softball smart and knows where to be during every play. She also fields her position well, and looks like an athlete. Back to Top

Fusion Fastpitch

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Blue Ridge Explosion

#3 Taylor Fredericks – 3B | 5’4″/145 | R/R | 2015 | West Caldwell HS | Lenoir, NC
11/22 – Solid defender with agile range side to side. Works hard to play through the ball. Offensively, she works to hit the ball up the middle. Consistent gap to gap power with home run capabilities.

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Boca Impact Team Byrd

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SC Badkatz

#24 Brittney Risher – SS | R/R | 2017 | Colletoon County HS | Walterboro, SC
11/21 – Offensively, she is a disciplined power hitter. Defensively, she fields out in front, has a good arm, and a quick transfer.

#5 Madison Wells – CF | R/R | South Effingham | Rincon, GA
11/22 – Makes consistent contact at the plate. Solid range in the outfield and always gets to the back up position. Anticipates the next play. Strong throwing arm, bounces the ball out.

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Cape Fear Storm Black

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East Cobb Bullets Mayfield

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The Charlotte Starz 16u Showcase

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West Florida Crush

#5 Taylor Stines – 3B |5’2″/125 | R/R | 2017 | Ft Walton Beach HS | Navarre, FL
11/21 – Offensively, she is a disciplined, gap to gap hitter, and places the ball well. She runs well on the bases, gets out of the box quickly.

#12 Alyssa Selvey – RHP/1B | 5’6″/145 | R/R | South Walton HS | Santa Rosa Beach, FL
11/21 – Smooth pitcher with good movement and above average speed. She is very effective on the mound and gets a lot of ground ball outs.

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Rock Gold

#11 Chelsea Peace – 3B | 5’10″/165 | R/R | 2017 | Timber Creek HS | Orlando, FL
11/21 – Athletic build. Disciplined at the plate, short and compact swing, provides a lot of power. Defensively, she has a strong arm, comes through the ball, smooth footwork, and fields out in front. On the bases, Chelsea is quick and has good instincts.

#99 Ashley Warrell – RHP |5’7/165 | R/R | 2018 | Hagerty HS | Oviedo, FL
11/21 – Athletic build and good mound presence. She relies on her screw and her curve to attack batters. She has great movement, tight spin, throws hard, and has great composure on the mound.

#14 Tiana Hernandez – RHP | 5’9″/145 | R/R | 2019 | Buddy Taylor MS | Palm Coast, FL
11/22 – Tall player with good mechanics. Tiana locates well and has a ton of potential. Young player that will continue to grow with more experience.

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#7 Kimberly Gray – RHP/OF | 5’6″/130 | R/R | 2018 | Pierce County | Blacksheer, GA
11/22 – Tall, slender frame. Plays a solid outfield. Ready position, agile range, works hard. She made a diving catch in right center.

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Georgia Select 99

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Georgia Crusaders

#3 Jada Lake – RHP | 5’5″/125 | R/R | 2016 | Parkview | Lilburn, GA
11/22 – Athletic build.  Power pitcher that uses both sides of the plate. Offensively, she has a smooth swing. She hits with power to all fields aggressively.

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98 Mizuno Wizards

#97 Madison Carter – RHP | R/R | 2016 | Veterans, HS
11/21 – Good approach on the mound. She has an effective change up that causes hitters to chase. She communicates well with her teammates  Offensively, she is confident in the box and has a good eye.

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Sandhills Slammers

#5 Emily Mayson – RHP | 5’5″/125 | R/R | 2017 | Midland Valley HS | N. Augusta, SC
11/22 – Good spin pitcher with an effective change up. She makes hitters chase pitches off the plate and produces a lot of ground balls. She does a good job of keeping her team in the games and working out of jams.

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Georgia Rockers Conner

#7 Kayla Lambert – RF | 5’2″/120 | R/L | 2017 | Burke County HS | Waynesboro, GA
11/22 – Slapper with a ton of speed. She has a quick first step out of the box and gets down the line quickly, putting pressure on the defense. She also reads pitches well when advancing bases.

#31 Megan McCook – RHP | 5’5″/150 | R/R | 2017 | Grovetown HS | Grovetown, GA
11/22 – She has good control of her pitches and smooth mechanics. Megan uses her legs well to drive off the mound. She gets batters to chase an up and out pitch. Overall positive mound presence.  Back to Top

GA Fusion 16u

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Atlanta Premier Venza

#8 Kirsten Laughlin – CF | 5’6″/138 | R/L | 2017 | Lanier HS | Buford, GA

11/22 – Gap to gap hitter. Produces power from the ground up. Good hip drive and total lower half. Defensively, she has great range in the outfield. She gets good reads and plays through the catch.

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GForce Fastpitch

#3 Emily Hunsucker – LF | R/R | 2015 | Dawson County HS | Dawsonville, GA

11/21 – Athletic body style. Offensively, takes advantage of pitchers mistakes. Power potential hitter. Consistently makes hard contact and works to get to the extension position.

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Signature Park Firehawks

#12 Stephanie Bailey – OF | 5’7″/115 | R/R | 2018 | Buford | Buford, GA
11/22 – Power hitter with home run capabilities. She has a smooth swing with sound mechanics and an aggressive mindset. Stephanie has great potential to be a solid player.

#15 Ashley King – RHP | 5’10″/170 | R/R | 2019 | Lanier MS | Sugar Hill
11/22 – Young pitcher with tons of potential. Drastic difference between her breaking pitches and off speed. Tall kid that drives off the mound and works hard.

#18 Sydnee Worthy – C | 5’6″/140 | R/L | 2017 | Duluth HS | Lawrenceville, GA
11/22 – Lefty with an athletic build. Offensively, she takes quality cuts and consistently puts the ball in play. She hustles on and off the field and shows her passion for the game.

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Georgia Intensity Smith

#6 Courtney Godfree – SS/2B | 5’4″/120 | R/R | 2016 | Woodland HS | Cartersville, GA
11/22 – Athletic build, hits for power, confident presence in the box. Smooth swing, works hard, makes advanced plays in the field.

#77 Lauren King – 3B | 5’4″/140 | R/R | 2017 | Whitewater HS | Fayetteville, GA
11/22 – Athletic stature, stays low when fielding and throwing. She has quick hands when moving to her glove side. Hustles to the ball and is not afraid to get dirty. She has the ability to throw on the run, and works hard to make the advanced play. Offensively, she has a smooth swing with a selective eye.

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Next Level Academy

#5 Emily Yakel – C/3B | 5’5″ | R/R | 2017 | Buchholz HS | Gainsville, FL
11/21 – Solid approach at the plate, consistent hitter. Behind the dish she blocks the ball well and consistently communicates with her pitcher and fielders.

#22 Skylar Whitty – RHP/1B | 6’0″ | R/R | 2018 | West Nassau County HS | Callahan, FL
11/21 – Good spin pitcher that works both sides of the plate. Does a good job of showing no emotion on the mound. Curve is her best pitch, gets people to chase.

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East Cobb Edge

#16 Renyqua Farrington – SS | 5’0/125 | R/R | 2016 | South Gwinnett | Snellville, GA
11/22 – Athletic frame. Defensively, she has a quick transfer and a strong arm. She is instinctive on the bases and takes advantage of the defense. Offensively, she consistently has quality at bats.

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Coastal Xplosion

#99 Danielle Moreno – 1B | 5’0″/125 | R/R | 2017 | Atlantic HS | Daytona, FL
11/22 – Powerful hitter with a smooth swing. Generates power from the ground up and hit a deep home run in a clutch situation.

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NC Challengers 00

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KY Cannons

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Firecrackers GA

#20 Mariam Padgett – LF | R/R | 2018 | Home School | Fayetteville, GA
11/22 – Good presence in the box, sees lots of pitches, battles with the pitcher each at bat. She is a selective hitter that takes her walks. On the bases, she is fast and reacts on instinct.

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Tennessee Crusaders 01

#25 Laney Tucker – CF | 5’4″/105 | S/R | 2019 | Wilson Central HS | Mt. Juliet, TN
11/22 – Slapper with a controlled approach. Selective hitter that likes to quick bunt. She has a good first step out of the box and shows her aggressiveness on the bases. Defensively, she has agile range and has a strong, accurate arm.

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