Players Shine At The Softball Factory All-America Pre-Season Tournament

This past weekend in Clermont, Florida the nation’s best softball players participated in the
Softball Factory All-America Pre-Season Tournament, powered by Under Armour.

Four teams consisting of 37 total players participated in the event. Former Florida Gator
standout and 2014 NCAA Champion, Hannah Rogers spoke to the crowd.

The tournament was a success and showcased premier talent from across the nation. Senior
Director of Softball Factory, Lee Ann Jarvis, had a front row seat to the players and gives us her take on stand outs from the Pre-Season event.

Claudia Crowe – Sylva, NC (SS – 2016) – (Updated: 1/21) – What a gamer she is. She stepped up her game when those bright lights came on.

Claudia has a big arm and she has an ability to be a spark plug at the top of the order. She moves around the bases with ease and has an instinct to create runs with her legs and more importantly, her brain.

Eliza Eberhard – Sugarland, TX (SS – 2017) – (Updated: 1/21) – Wow. What a vocal leader and presence on the field. Eliza is so instinctual and her game smarts are off the charts. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a player that is so young, playing like an experienced veteran.

Vanessa Hernandez – Sanger, CA (SS – 2018) – (Updated: 1/21) – Vanessa is a tall player that passes the eye test for a short stop. She moves well and makes great adjustments on the ball. She moves well side-to-side and has the ability to go in the hole and make all the throws. At the plate, Vanessa has some pop and gap-to-gap power that will help her play at the next level.

Paige Holmes – Jacksonville, FL (C/SS – 2016) – (Updated: 1/21) – Paige can just flat out play this game. She is very unassuming but that’s the mistake, she’s legit on the field in all aspects. She handles the pitchers like a veteran and can hit a ton. Defensively, she handles her glove well at third base with ease and confidence.

Paige will definitely be a stand out at the next level.

Analiese Raley – Clovis, CA (C – 2018) – (Updated: 1/21) – Analiesa has all the skill set you look for in a catcher. Command of the game and pitchers, she’s a solid blocker and receiver with the ability to throw runners out. She has all the confidence in the world to continue building her game and taking it to the next level. I really liked her presence as a catcher and a hitter.

Skyler Shellmyer – Ubandale, IA (SS/OF – 2018) – (Updated: 1/21) – Skyler is one of the best players that we have in our system right now. She has great instinct, a presence and moxie while on the field. She makes it look effortless while in the field defensively, at the plate and while running the bases. I can see her playing big time in D1.

Hunter White – Stillwater, OK (SS – 2017) – (Updated: 1/21) – Hunter is a very confident short stop that has tons of moxie and plays the game with fire and intensity. She has tons of pop and home run ability at the plate and gives the max effort every time she is on the field.