Recruiting Calendar – What You Should Be Doing Now as a 9th Grader

As parents and players, there are three things that you must ask yourself every year:

1. Am I doing all I can to improve myself on and off the field?

2. Am I testing myself against competition from around the country?

3. How am I letting colleges know I am interested in attending their college or university as a student-athlete?

Every freshman, sophomore, junior and senior year, you need to be doing all three of the above items to truly get the most out of your softball experience.

Today, we will take a look at what you should be doing during your freshman year of high school in the important months leading up to a season of high school, club or summer teams and how to prepare yourself.

In the months of March through June, its important to set the tone to make the most of your first high school season by working hard everyday. For those that have already played their first season this past fall, you are ahead of the game.

Displaying your work ethic and desire to play at a higher level as a freshman will stick in the minds of coaches, as working harder could very well increase your chances for additional
playing time when the time arises.

It is always important to try your best, no matter what, and to relax. It can help your perform at your highest level, during the time where your coach is seeing your play for the first time.

When you can, begin to plan next year’s academic schedule and goals so you feel confident leading into your sophomore season.

When you can, you’ll want to have a professional evaluate your skills. Use this critique as a guide to improve your game in all areas as well as know what schools that you may target as fit schools for you.

During the summer, your team should play a competitive schedule against the best competition possible. Strong competition allows you the opportunity to challenge yourself and see how you stack up.

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