Softball Factory Player Leah Barnes Wins Heart of Holy Family School Award

LeahBarnesCurrent Softball Factory player Leah Barnes was awarded the “Heart of Holy Family School Award” last week during her 8th grade graduation ceremony, the accolade presented to Leah is for someone “who embodies the characteristics and virtues of kindness, compassion and respect for others. As a peer and student, she has modeled the life lessons that are at the heart of Holy Family School’s Mission.”

A native of Rockland, MA, Barnes will attend Fontbonne Academy, a high school in Milton, MA this Fall.

She attended an Under Armour Softball Factory Premium Video Program in Beverly, MA last September and then attended Softball Factory’s Select Training in Vero Beach last November. Leah also attended a recent Hitting Accelerated Training Weekend in addition to another Under Armour Softball Factory National Tryout event in April to continue developing her skill set.

“Needless to say, I cried when I heard her name, because as her mother, I know how kind and respectful she is,” says Patti Barnes. “For the principal to recognize this and present her with this award was so very special.”