Why Softball Factory Appeals To Me: Paige Grey

We take pride in hosting engaging events with a professional staff that gives 110% effort each time out to ensure every player improves both on and off the field. To find out more about how our formula for impacting student-athletes was working, we sent Paige Grey out to the FDI National Select Training and Under Armour National Tryout in Maryland.

Grey, a college athlete herself at Frostburg University, came away with an overwhelmingly positive experience and named several of the benefits that would attract her interest if softball were here primary sport.

Regarding the UMBC event, she appreciated the four-day event of hard training under the tutelage of five coaches who have played in college, coached in college or played on the U.S. National Team. As a result of having such a strong staff on site, small group training and 1 on 1 attention was easily attainable for our athletes. Players eating, sleeping and training with transportation provided added elements of camaraderie and unity.

During the UMBC event, Paige was also able to witness what its like for the players to come and visit the Factory Athletics facility. Players were in the batting cages, working on their swings and getting video feedback on how to fix different areas of their follow through. In addition, players were given tutorials by coaches about what it takes to be recruited by colleges and how to best achieve their goals of playing at the NCAA level. However, what struck Paige most was the live in game situation play and how after the event, each softball player has a player page created for them displaying their coach’s evaluations and updating their records for prospective college coaches to review. Paige felt as though these were valuable experiences that she would appreciate if she were in the position these girls are in.

Similar to her experience at the UMBC event, Paige liked that at the La Plata Tryout, Softball Factory was consistent in providing top quality coaching, scouting and direct coach to player communication.

As an athlete herself, Paige felt that the competitive environment of being able to be selected by Softball Factory from the National Tryout to earn the opportunity to train at first class facilities with high quality coaches is a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity.

Lastly, just as at the Player Development event, players received a personal player page with premium video program that Paige determined to be a true advantage provided from attending the try out.

All in all, Paige had a wonderful experience and got to see what Softball Factory is all about.

Having worked behind the scenes in Columbia, MD, she was able to garner an appreciation for what we work so hard on in the office to produce quality product on the field for young athletes of our program to enjoy.