2018 Under Armour Midwest Classic – Team Rosters & Scouting Reports


August 11-12, 2018
Michael Buchanon Park — Bowling Green, KY
Schedule & Scores

* PLEASE NOTE: Players written up on the scouting blog were identified by our scouting staff based on the demonstration of notable tool(s) and/or skill(s). While WE DO NOT KEEP STATS, we are watching for standout performers on the mound, at the plate, in the field and on the bases. However, a performance WITHOUT the presence of requisite tool(s) and/or skill(s) IS NOT considered standout — we are looking for players with the tool(s) and/or skill(s) to play beyond the high school level.

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16u/18u Participating Teams

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Central KY Crush 18u

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0 Embry Thorpe – 2019 RHP/3B – Very strong hands to the ball.  Does a good job in the circle and stays in the 56-58 MPH range with a good change up.

14 Elizabeth Spencer – 2019 RF/LF – Very smooth swing with solid gap to gap power. As a baserunner, she reads the ball well and takes advantage of offspeed pitches to steal.

22 Kennadi Thompson – 2021 C/3B – Good/quick hands on 3B. Strong pull hitter and frames the ball well behind the plate. Good vocal leader in the field.

24 Haily Hymer – 2020 SS/2B – Aggressive baserunner with a smooth swing. Moves well on defense and posses a good glove and excellent footwork.

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Fireballs Xtreme 18u

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8 Helena Garia – 2021 3B/SS – Does a good job of going with the pitch and has ability to be a gap to gap hitter with power.

26 Madison Price – 2021 3B/2B – Good gap to gap hitter with aggressive baserunning skills.

27 Anna Mason – 2021 RHP/SS – Very composed in the circle and staying in the 56-58 MPH range.  Good movement on pitches.

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Jinx Elite 16u

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1 Summer Ray – 2022 SS/3B – very aggressive batter that goes after good pitches.  At SS she showed excellent foot work to make the hard plays look easy.

7 Anniston Bray – 2022 CF/LF – At the plate, as a slapper, she had good hand eye coordination and makes solid contact on the swing. Good speed on the bases and tracked the ball well from her CF position.

24 Kyndal Honaker – 2021 RHP/OF – very consistent in the circle with 53-54 mph

28 Natalie Ison – 2022 C/3B – Very athletic player who moves well and is very fluid behind the plate. At the plate she has a good solid swing that consistently hit the ball hard.

2 – RF/CF – Very fast player with a good approach at the plate and able to utilize the soft slap effectively to get on base.

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Kentucky Premier 16u

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.2 Zoe Ingram – 2019 SS/2B – Good footwork at 2B and field awareness. At the plate she she stays inside the ball well and showed good power.

6 Lauren Spears – 2021 C/3B – Very athletic and vocal behind the plate. 2.05 POP time. Showed good power at the plate and on the bases.

10 Lexie Morris – 2019 1B/OF – Good inside/out aggressive approach at the plate.

19 Macy Jones – 2019 RHP/1B – Good power hitter at the plate with an excellent launch angle.

42 Zoey Keeton – 2021 OF/3B – Good approach and discipline at the plate . Stays inside the ball well.  Decent speed on the bases.


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Louisville Legends 18u

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1 Caitlyn Watson – 2020 2B/OF – Good slap hitter with excellent placement. Shows good lateral movement on defense.

11 Taylor Cassin – 2019 1B/OF – Plays her position well and has a solid glove.

40 Kelsey Dougherty – 2020 C/3B – Does a great job of framing the ball and exhibited a strong arm.

41 Hannah Russell – 2020 OF/IF – Very athletic player who gets great reads on fly balls and tracks the ball well.  Not afraid to make the tough diving catch and has good game awareness.

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OC Batbusters 16u

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2 Carleigh Hollis – 2022 C – Does a great job of commanding the position behind the play and possesses a strong arm.  At the plate she showed a solid swing with consistent movement towards the ball.  At 1b she fielded the position well and make quick transfers.

5 Cannon Curtis – 2021 RHP/OF – showed excellent speed on the bases and turned double into a triple with ease.  Showed good power at the plate and does a good job of using the lower half of her body to add power.

13 Gracie Landreth – 2022 RHP/OF – Showed good control with consistent 53/54 mph pitches.  Very vocal in the circle and great awareness.

20 Maddie Austin

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Southern KY Static 16u

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2 Kemiah Michel – 2019 CR/C – Very quick OF who tracks and gets to the ball well. Aggressive switch hitter with good speed on the bases.

12 Madison Stumbo – 2019 3B/OF – Very versatile player who played several positions and did a good job of playing all of them.  Good aggressive swing.

25 Emily Reynolds – 2021 RHP/2B – defends her position well. Stayed in the 54-55 MPH range with a 35 MPH change up.  Could play INF or OF as well

6 Jess Bush – 2020 IN/LF – showed excellent footwork and ability to get to the ball. Very nice load and a solid/strong swing.

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Team Kentucky Gold – Johnson 16u

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7 Sydney Skiles – 2020 3B/IF – Showed good power at the plate and really swings through the ball. Excellent footwork and good arm at 3B.

9 Madison Johnson – 2020 CF/OF – Aggressive runner who reads pitches well when deciding when to steal. Not afraid to make the diving catch in the OF. Stays back and allows ball to travel at the plate.

14 Megan Konermann – 2021 SS/3B – Very quick hands and good pop on the bat. Good team player that encourages others and seems engaged with the game. Fields her position well and possesses a strong arm.

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Tennessee Illusions – Hunnicutt 16u

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4 Taylor Adkins – 2019 3B – Has a good backside approach at the plate.

8 Shelby Gibson – 2021 C – Good presence behind the plate, 1.84 POP and showcase a good arm. Showed good power at bat hand move well to the ball.

10 Victoria Clark – 2021 C – Great reaction speed at 2B. Showed a lot of toughness and ability to make plays.  Excellent job of situation hitting at the plate.

20 Madison Haught – 2020 RHP/1B – Consistent in 55-58 MPH with a nice changeup.

21 Emilee Bunder – 2019 OF – Slapper wtih great speed and excellent barrel control.

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Voltage Softball 16u

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1 Payton Gregory – 2019 RHP/OF – Has great presence in the circle.  Keeps the ball down in the zone and works corners well. Has tight spin and works well.  Good speed in 58-59 MPH range.

4 Morgan Vaughn – 2020 2B/OF – Seems to be all over the field making plays the entire game. Leader and a great glove.

7 Kenzie Jervis – 2021 3B/RHP – Showed good range at 3B, good arm and very good glove.

8 Jamie Pollard – 2020 C/OF – Fundamentally sound in the OF. Behind the plate she does a good job of controlling the game and has a strong enough arm to make accurate throws from her knees.  Block well.

17 Taylor Jones – 2021 1B/RHP – Shows good presence at the plate and does a good job of keeping her hand through the ball and has great bat speed.

25 Chloe Taylor – 2021 2B/3B – Has good footwork on defense and covers a lot of ground. At the plate she has a good swing and makes sure her hand stay through the zone.

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