Five Questions with Softball Factory Coach and Polish National Team Head Coach Dave Majeski

Softball Factory coach Dave Majeski has been named the head coach of the Polish National Softball Team! We caught up with Coach to talk about this exciting opportunity to make a big dream of his come true.

  1. How did being named the Polish National Team Coach come about? What led you to be named the Head Coach?

At our Softball Factory event in Vero Beach, FL on an adjacent field, I watched the Chinese National team training with American coaches. Being of Polish descent, I researched the teams and leagues in Poland and made contact with the President of Baseball and Softball. That led to numerous interviews and Skype calls and eventually my hiring onto the team. After discussions with the Polish Olympic Council, I was named the Head Coach of the 19U and 22U National teams and will assist on the senior team.


2. How do you recruit players for the team? What is the process of selecting players?

In February, I will travel to Poland for 7-to-8 days and travel to four different cities where the biggest softball clubs practice. There, I will assess the current players and their talent, as well as instruct all coaches and players on how to progress. After evaluating, instructing, and coaching, I will return to the United States. Currently, I am getting the word out about the opportunity for American players to play for Poland. If they are of Polish descent and can document their heritage, they may be able to play for the Polish National team with the goal of qualifying for the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo.


3. How long will you be in Poland for training?

Ideally, I would move to Poland and train the players year-round. With my career and my daughters’ schedules, that isn’t realistic for me. The current plan is for me to spend a week or so in February evaluating the entire country’s talent. I will possibly return in May to reassess the progress of the teams. In July/August, I will be there for approximately three weeks with the teams competing in the European Cup World Championships.


  1. What are specific goals you have in mind as the Head Coach.

My short-term goal is to raise the current talent level of all the existing teams, win the European Cup and qualify for the Olympics. Long-term, my goals are to raise the participation numbers of the sport nationwide, raise the level of instruction, and raise the love of the game in general.


  1. What are you most excited about heading into this experience?

I am most excited about possibly competing in the Olympics and representing Poland. I had a good collegiate career in the baseball world and was not invited to the USA Olympic trials as a player. Now I have the ability and chance to make my dreams come true.