Softball Factory Alum Tayler Ramos Finds Confidence and Commits to University of North Carolina Greensboro

Softball Factory alum Tayler Ramos has been feeling a boost of confidence lately, and with good reason, as she has committed to playing softball for the University of North Carolina Greensboro Spartans.

“It is very exciting, I was very proud of myself and felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders,” the Lake Brantley High School senior replies when asked how it felt to commit to becoming a future Spartan.  “I think my confidence went up too.”

The Apopka, Fla. native will be the first to admit she has struggled with being shy in the past, and credits Softball Factory as something that helped her overcome being timid at times.

“I am not afraid to get to know new people and teammates,” Ramos answers when asked what she has learned from her experiences with Softball Factory. “That had been a problem for me in the past because I can be really shy. Now I enjoy learning new things and stepping out of my comfort zone more since the coaches at Softball Factory pushed me more and made me rely on my skills more.”

Ramos was able to take being pushed out of her comfort zone and grow.

“I am a shortstop and I learned to cover second base better than I had before,” she says. “Also, I take the throw down at a different angle now, which really has helped me.”

The 2019 shortstop attended an Under Armour National Tryout in Orlando, Fla. in January of 2017, the Under Armour Softball Factory Fall Classic in Savannah, GA 10 months later and was named MVP at the 2017 Softball Factory Christmas Camp and Tournament a month after that. It is safe to say she has made the most of her Softball Factory experiences and did not let her shyness get in the way of building new and important relationships.

“I met many teammates who I’m still friends with today,” she recalls. “I enjoyed learning to work together as a team and I think it is an important factor in this sport.  I also learned to communicate better with my teammates on the field.”

The friendships that she has made from softball are one of the many things she loves about the sport.

Ramos at age 12, the only girl playing on the All-Star Team for West Seminole Baseball

“I love the competitiveness of the game, the fast nature of the game, and the friendships I have made,” Ramos, who played baseball from ages four to 13 before making the switch to softball, says. “It’s like another family and we rely on each other for many things.”

Along with getting to know her teammates, Ramos also lists the organization of drills, the fast pace of learning and the “great coaching staff” as factors that made her time with Softball Factory so enjoyable.

Two of those coaches, Dave and Leah Majeski, have made a huge difference in her softball career.

“Coach Dave and Coach Leah are so welcoming,” Ramos states. “Coach Dave is very funny. And so easy going. He really cares about everyone and is extremely fair. I respect Coach Leah so much because I know she was a great softball player at Alabama. That’s the school where I initially wanted to play softball, so I respect her a lot. I traveled from Florida to South Carolina to play on their travel softball team, Team South Carolina. I enjoyed that time and hope to be able to do it again during the summer of 2019 because they were great teams. You learn so much, yet the whole environment is just laid back because of Coach Dave and Coach Leah.”

The respect and admiration between the Majeskis’ and Ramos is mutual.

Ramos with Coach Leah Majeski and her fellow Softball Factory athletes

“I met Tayler about a year ago when she was on my 18U team in Savannah at the Fall Classic,” Coach Leah Majeski remembers. “I was instantly impressed with the way she moved on defense. As I coached her over the next few days, I got to know her personality and work ethic and realized she was a wonderful kid with a really awesome family. I invited her to join my travel ball team for the next summer in hopes that I could fine-tune her even more and help with her recruiting journey.”

Majeski would indeed go on to help Ramos with her recruiting journey.

“Even though UNCG contacted me before Softball Factory, Coach Dave Majeski and Coach Leah Majeski went above and beyond to give insight on my skills to UNCG coaches and encourage the commitment decision,” the future Criminal Justice major reveals. “They also encouraged the coaches to come and see me play at the summer tournaments. I really love Coach Dave and Coach Leah. They really had an impact on my softball life and boosted my confidence. “

Ramos at bat for Lake Brantley High School

Ramos is excited to take the next step in her softball career and is looking forward to putting on the UNCG blue and gold.

“I really liked all of the coaches when I went to a camp and visited the campus,” Tayler said. “I also knew a few of the girls who were there, and everyone was very welcoming, and it felt so comfortable. It felt like this was to be my college home and softball team from the beginning. The campus was beautiful and very different from Florida. “

Coach Leah Majeski also looks forward to seeing Ramos on the field as a Spartan.

“After spending the past summer and fall with Tayler, I can say without a doubt that she is an extremely driven ball player, a great teammate and I know she will be a big asset to UNCG,” she shares. “I can’t wait to see her play at the next level!”