2018 Softball Factory All-America Pre-Season MVP Hayley Parrott Commits to Walters State

For Softball Factory athlete Hayley Parrott, softball is many things.

It is an outlet for her to deal with any issues she is going through, a way to express herself, a motivator, a sport filled with life lessons and something that has created special friendships in her life. Most importantly for Parrott, softball is a blessing.

“Softball has, to me, been the one of the biggest blessings I have been given,” the 2019 shortstop and pitcher for Loretto High School shares. “I wouldn’t change it for anything.”

“People deal with their problems in many ways,” Parrott explains “softball was one of the main ways I dealt with the issues in my life. Softball helped me expressed myself in many ways. It showed me what hard work and dedication really is. Softball is the reason why I try my best to keep my grades up, because if I didn’t have good grades, I wouldn’t be able to play the game I love so much. Through all of the different teams I have been on, softball has really taught me what life is really like, how people can cheat, belittle you, try to make you think you are not good enough, but softball has really showed me that you do not need to care what other people think about you, you just do you. The other teams I have been on showed me that they are other people that have the same passion for the game as I do. Some of my really good friends in my life, I have met through softball. “

The Leoma, Tenn. native is delighted to have the opportunity to continue her journey with the sport that has played such a major role in shaping her into who she is today, as she has committed to taking her talents to Walters State.

Parrott has attended multiple Softball Factory events, including an Under Armour Softball Factory College PREP Program in Lebanon, Tenn. in April of 2017, the Softball Factory World Series in June of that same year and the 2018 Softball Factory All-America Pre-Season Tournament last January, and  believes Softball Factory has been a tool that benefited her greatly in the recruiting process and something that assisted in elevating her game.

“Softball Factory has been the most helpful program into showing me what colleges are looking for in a player,” she says. “They have helped me improve my skills, mentally and physically, as a player. The events are really unique because you get the opportunity to play with softball players from all over the United States, you get to connect with different people and develop friendships that will last forever. Softball Factory has also led me to get the chance to play with team South Carolina, coached by Dave and Leah Majeski, which was an awesome experience.”

“Since I have been a part of Softball Factory, all of the different skills they have introduced have really increased my game performance,” Parrot continues. “What I have learned is you do not need to take things for granted, you need to give it your all and put everything you have forward every time you walk on the field. Softball Factory showed me what it takes for you to be a college athlete, they helped me figure out to see if I had what it takes and if I had the work ethic to become a college athlete.”

Parrott is eager to continue to sharpen her softball skills at the next level and views joining the Lady Senators as a way to do just that.

“Walter State stood out to me because the coaches do not give into irrelevant excuses,” Parrott said. “They put everything they have to make their players the best they can be. They expect their players to give everything they have, nothing less. The coaches are genuine good people. Walter State just seemed to be the right fit for me in many ways.”

Parrott welcomes being pushed from her coaches to continue to work hard with open arms and takes pride in the amount of effort she gives to the sport that means so much to her. In fact, her dedication is what she believes helped her earn Most Valuable Player honors at the 2018 Softball Factory All-America Pre-Season Tournament in Conroe, Texas.

“I honesty was not expecting that at all,” she answers when asked how it felt to be crowned MVP of the event. “I did not think that I even compared to all of the incredible players I had the chance to play with. Winning MVP really showed how hard I have worked to improve my game. It gave me a boost of confidence that I did not have before and showed me that I am good enough.”

The future Lady Senator is set to return to the event that gave her that boost of confidence and take part in the upcoming 2019 Softball Factory All-America Pre-Season Tournament on January 18th.