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Hi, Coach Jarvis!

I just wanted to thank you again for this weekend. It was an awesome experience, and I will always remember it. I am so thankful for all I have learned from the SF events so far. I know that all the events have really impacted me as a player and as a person. I have learned how to become the best softball player I can be through you and your staff at Softball Factory.

Thank you for everything, and I hope you feel better!


Audrey Lyle

Audrey Lyle


All I can say is what an experience. Hannah had an amazing time and loved every minute of it. From start to finish this was one of the best run and most professional events we have attended. The coaching staff was tremendous and you could tell they loved what they were doing and they want to help these young ladies be successful.

As a parent, I especially appreciated the recruiting session. The information that was shared with us was so valuable. With Hannah getting ready to really ramp up her efforts in this area, the timing of this could not have been better.

The only negative was that the final day was rained out, but we know there is no way to control that.

We look forward to seeing her evaluations, player page and video.

Thank you for checking with us,



Tim Schnettler

Thank you Coach Jarvis. The event this weekend was fantastic! I certainly understand and appreciate the passion and love that you have for the game, and even beyond that, for the girls and their futures past the game of softball. I hate that rain came in and the girls couldn’t play today. Safe travels to everyone headed home.

Logan Leverette’s Mom, Jennifer

Jennifer Leverette

Thank you so much Julia! We had an amazing time and are very thankful for the experience. We as a family were mentally, emotionally and physically moved by every one of you and we are forever grateful! This weekend was about more than softball for our family and we enjoyed every minute! Hope to speak to you again soon!

Thank you again
The Summers Family

The Summers Family

Hi Steve,

Thank you for checking in. Maddi had a wonderful experience. This experience was great for her not only for “softball” but also as a good and much needed “life experience”. She hasn’t really been away from home and this was good prep for college-  which is not that far off for her!

She met a lot of new friends that Im sure she will be keeping in touch with. The instruction was great and it really was an atmosphere that was all instruction all the time- even during the games- which was really nice to see that interaction and discussion during the real life – real time scenarios.

We think she got to see some good competition and good pitching. This was especially nice for her during this time of the year as she doesn’t often get to see much live pitching during the winter months in PA. We also think she learned some nice leadership skills. She had the opportunity to play some centerfield and we heard her directing and taking charge in the outfield- which was good experience for her. We then had her email her HS coach and advocate for herself as she would like to play CF in school.

She still needs to email her coach- Dave- who was great and really had the perfect personality for Maddi and the other instructors to thank them. She hopes to do that by tomorrow. So again- learned so great softball and life skills that she will carry with her.

Looking forward to the scouting report.

Thank you,

Dawn Clayton Bieber

Dawn Clayton Bieber

I just wanted to write to let you know what an amazing experience we had yesterday at the event in Nashville, TN! Your staff was so professional and knew their business forward and backward!

My daughter and I were both so nervous before we arrived, not knowing what to expect, however, once we started that completely changed. Lennon was so excited and had such a great experience that she can’t wait to do it again!

I was so impressed with the recruiting talk the parents had with Julia Rice and I gained so much information.

I look forward to the feedback on Lennon we are excited to get to work with the information given. I have no doubt Lennon will be aided in making the best decision for her future through the Softball Factory

Thanks so much for an amazing day!

Natasha Spicer

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your team for doing such a wonderful job working with the girls this weekend. The level of respect you expect from each girl impressed me, especially as a classroom teacher!

I am wishing that Sarah could have been another month post-surgery so that she could have worked out more beforehand, but she learned a lot, as did her dad and I. We will make sure she works on those things, and that she gets more aggressive!

Again, thank you for providing such an amazing learning experience.


Pamela Loomis

Hi Dave!

Vero Beach was the most amazing experience!! I learned so much from the coaches and even my own teammates.

The staff and coaches were spectacular and some even had me star struck (Hannah Rogers, Megan Willis and all of the prestigious coaches and former coaches). I also learned so much about how great of a coach Ms. Lea Ann Jarvis was and still is from the girls there who played for her.

I cannot even do everyone who helped with coaching and putting the whole event together enough justice at all! It really was the best softball experience I have ever had the privilege to be apart of!

I was actually very nervous going into this event and did not know what to expect, but I became more independent, had so much fun and got a taste of what taking care of myself can be like. I loved the team I was on, including the coaches (Dave Majeski and Lauren Masters).

The things I learned, from stretching and warming up to the new information I learned about the recruiting process, I plan to share every detail I can with my high school and club teams. (This shouldn’t be too hard because many of the concept were really engraved in my head, for example how to properly take a lead off the bases, and how to be aware and look as athletic as possible at all times). I was very happy overall with my personal performance and was having a blast!!  I am also working on staying on top of my grades and bringing my accumulative GPA up!

This trip really put things into perspective for me as a player and person, and I have a new motivation to “make the game better” as coach Jarvis would say.

Again, I can’t even express into words how awesome the event was. Thank you so much!



Rayn Gibson, Vero Beach

Hi Coach Jarvis,

I just wanted to tell you thank you for everything.

I didn’t have a chance to speak to you because everyone was trying to load up and get to the airport and pack their cars. I really enjoyed camp and felt like it was a great experience for me. All the coaches were great and I appreciate all the time they spent with us. It is something I won’t forget. I hope to have a chance to come back to another camp during my career. Thank you again and Happy New Year.


Riley McWaters


I had a GREAT time at Vero Beach! I really really enjoyed the experience. I left everything on the field…literally! I broke my toe AND chipped my tooth! I didn’t care though, I was having so much fun! I am so excited for the next tournament with the Softball Factory. I learned so much! I am currently practicing and working out to prepare for the All-American trip in 9 days!


I hope you are having a great new year, keep on smiling.


Casey Edding, Vero Beach

Hello Steve it’s Heliana Bueno.

I just wanted to tell you about my experience at Florida. I learned so much from this camp. It was so much fun! I’m ready to start our season for High School. I feel so much improvement in my game and my attitude. Being able to come all this way to play the sport I loved since 3 years old. It’s amazing how far Ive came and knowing there’s more to follow in the future.

I was on the Columbia Blue team. We got second place. I played 2nd base and went to outfield later in our last game. It was fun meeting new people that share the same love I have for the sport. They made me feel like family. It felt like I knew these girls for a long time. The coaching and staff really pushed me to become a better athlete and softball player. I will continue working on everything I learned. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. I’m looking forward to all future softball factory camps for 2015.

Thank you.

Heliana Bueno

Lea Ann,

Happy New Year and special THANKS!  Malaka appreciated you giving her an opportunity. We thank you for dealing with a persistent parent too.

The coaching was phenomenal.  You put together a fantastic team of servant leaders. They all have great attitudes and a sincere desire to teach.

The Belsers, Vero Beach

Hi Chris,

I wanted to let you know how the Christmas Camp in Vero Beach went. It was a very informational and hard working camp. They really worked me hard in doing things right. I learned a lot while I was there. The Columbia Blue team that I was on got second in the tournament, losing to the white team in extra innings. I was playing third and I played very well. I hit third in the line up. I hit very well throughout the tournament. The last full day I was not feeling well and was sent back to my room. There were lots of kids sick there just like me. Though I was sick I played in the championship game the next day.

My coach, Shanna Smith, mentioned that she would like me to come to Texas to play on her team.  I’m not sure where they play but would like more information on that.  After I receive my evaluation, maybe we can talk about playing in some other events for Softball Factory.

Thank you for the opportunity to go to Vero Beach.  It was an excellent experience for me.


Natalie, Christmas Camp at Vero Beach

Lea Ann,

Congrats on another well-runned and well-organized camp and tournament.  You and your staff did another excellent job.  The competition was the best we have seen at any of the events we have participated in and Wendy had a great time.

You are truly a great asset to the game.

Again, thank you for everything you have done for Wendy.

Wade Gillet, Softball Factory Parent

Hi Zack,
I wanted to drop you a note and thank you again for helping me get my daughter, McKenzie, signed up and participating in the evaluation and video event yesterday in Sacramento.
I could not be more impressed with the way it was managed, the method that was used to evaluate the girls, and the staff that was on hand – they were supportive, helpful, and just really good with the girls.
McKenzie and I view the results, regardless of the outcome, as our ‘blueprint’ of what we need to do to end up playing softball at the college level. She was absolutely thrilled with the day and, when we were headed home, she said she wished she could work like that at every practice.
Your organization and staff are absolutely top notch, the gentleman that ran everything talked to me one-on-one a couple of times – just conversationally – and he was really knowledgeable, answered some key questions for me, and made sure he was available to any parent who wanted to ask a question or talk to him.
In a nutshell, Zack, our experience was incredibly positive, exciting (I’m not sure which one of us was more excited), and full of information. I would recommend you, any of the staff present yesterday, and your organization to any other player/parent.

Thank you again for everything

Kim HimesSoftball Factory Parent

Hello coach Bush, Happy New Year!

Thank you for the opportunity to come to the Christmas camp in Clermont. I appreciate all of the time and effort you  have put into coaching me and making me a better softball player. I learned a lot, and had a great time.

I have acquired a lot of new skills from this camp, both offensively and defensively. Offensively, I have learned what I have to do in order to take a perfect swing, including striding and loading. Defensively, I have learned many helpful tips that will make me better, such as getting lower, taking a deeper angle at times and fielding grounders from low to high.

I loved meeting and listening to Dot Richardson speak. She is such an inspiration for me because she was a shortstop like I am. I was impressed with what she had accomplished. I sure hope that softball is put back into the Olympics within the next few years.

As a freshman, this is my first year of highschool softball. This camp has been a great way to help me get ready for this spring. I hope to see you next year sometime when I am a sophomore, and every year after that, too. If there are any more evaluations in Ohio, I would love to go and see not only how much I have improved, but also how much I still need to work on.

I loved the group of girls I got to play with for four days. It was great being able to see what kind of competition is out there, and getting to see how I stand compared to other girls my age. It only shows me that in order to keep up with their skills and be the best I have to work very hard. I not only loved the girls I was with, but loved the coaches, as well. They were all so helpful, I felt as though I could go to them and ask any question and they would have an answer. They gave me many drills to work on at home to improve both my hitting, and skills as a shortstop.

Thanks again for this wonderful opportunity, and if you could forward this thank you email to all the other coaches that would be great: Francesca, Ginalee, Amanda, Mikayla, Lauren, and Nikki.

Alyssa JohnsonSoftball Factory Player

My trip to California was a great success. As it was my first time flying and my first time out of state I was in for many new experiences and sights. The facility at which we trained at was mind blowing. We trained at the U.S. Olympic Training Center and were coached by a former Olympian. When we got to eat, we ate with the other training athletes in the cafeteria. It was amazing to talk to the athletes and have the chance to eat with Olympians. Not very many people can say they’ve had the opportunity to do that in their lifetime. The instruction and training I received from the coaches at the camp blew my expectations out of the water. Waking up at 6:30 a.m. and hitting the fields at 7:30 a.m., then leaving the fields at 10:00 p.m. and retiring to bed at 11:00 p.m., I received a full day’s instruction. I received more instruction in the four days I was there than I have in months on my own. The coaches were very good at pointing out even the smallest things to make sure you are truly becoming a better player. I loved that they pointed out the small things because that is what college coaches’ notice. The coaches were very firm but constructive, and encouraged us when we did well. I also received a little bit of culture while I was at camp. The people at the camp were form all over the country. It was very fun and interesting to get to know people who aren’t from Texas. Although they often made fun of the way I talk, the people from other states were very friendly. It was very neat to see the differences in the way we talk and live, and the way they do things.

After coming back from the camp I feel like a much better player. I am much more confident and more skilled. I have kept in touch with the coaches in helping me get seen by college coaches, and getting scholarships. I have also kept in touch with many of the other players at the camp. I continue to learn about the way they do things, as they learn how we do things. Once again thank you for making this experience possible, it was a life changing trip. Thank you so much,

Tori PorubskySoftball Factory Player

Dear Coach Jarvis:

I wanted to write you a note of thanks for selecting me to participate on the Softball Factory Team that will play in the Ronald McDonald 16U Tournament in Houston on October 24-28. I am so excited about this opportunity to work with you and your staff again. This will be a great training and learning experience.

I enjoyed the tryout experience in Glen Allen, Virginia in August. It was great to see Coach Bush again, too! I received my video and evaluation a couple of days ago. I was happy to have improved in many areas. I know the Select Training and Competition in Clermont, Florida last December greatly helped me in improving my skills in all areas.

I had a good Sophomore season in 2012, taking my high school team to the semi-finals. Although the team is not experienced, we were able to go 14-8. I pitched every inning of every game (138 innings), striking out 99, giving up 22 walks with an ERA of 2.9. As a batter, I ended the season with a .422 batting average, collected a team-high 30 hits, 2 home runs, OBP of .517 and I only struck out 3 times. I made First Team Tri-County Conference All Star Team and was the MVP for the high school team. The Softball Factory training definitely improved my performance.

I can’t wait to play outfield for the Softball Factory Team! I love the outfield! I have been working out on my own everyday so that I will be able to bring my best to the tournament. I’m also seeing my pitching/hitting coach 4 nights each week for 2-3 hours. I want to be a good contributor to this team.

Again, thank you for taking a chance on me. I can’t wait for this great experience. I’m looking forward to seeing you and your staff in Houston, Texas.

Janna GaburoSoftball Factory Player

Dear Coach Jarvis,
Thank you SO much for giving me the opportunity to come to the Select Training in Baltimore, Maryland. The past four days have been then best four days of my life, and I surely did not want to leave!!! I learned so much from you and your great staff that I know I wouldn’t have learned from anyone else back home. The coaching from Softball Factory was on a totally different level during those four days and I loved the motivation and push that it gave me! I made friends that will last me a life time, and memories that are unforgettable. It was so great to finally meet people who share the same love for the game, and I am so lucky to have gotten to work with such gifted people. I will continue to work hard on my skills, day in and day out. Thank you so much again, you’re a great coach and you have motivated me to push myself to my absolute highest potential.

Noelle WhiteSoftball Factory Player

This event [National ID and PVP Session] was great for both my girls. Each one is at a different stage of their softball development. My older daughter is going to college soon, and the video we got made will help with college recruiting. My younger daughter will be starting high school soon and this evaluation will help her develop her skills. We are looking forward to attend next years program.

Osvaldo VargasSoftball Factory Parent

Hi Softball Factory,

We wanted to thank you for a great training this weekend. We truly feel fortunate that Amanda had this opportunity to learn from the best in softball. The overall experience was positive, informative and well organized. Amanda is on cloud nine and can’t wait to put into practice all that she’s learned. The Softball Factory is a top-notch organization and we are proud to be part of it. Take care and we’ll keep you updated on how Amanda is doing.

Diane & Joe CamposSoftball Factory Parents

Lea Ann, I just wanted to let you know how much Misty enjoyed the camp at Oklahoma City. It was so nice to see so many professional athletes who were so nice and that worked so hard with all the girls. It was really exciting for Misty to go to the [College] World Series games. She had a wonderful time and I think we all learned a lot not only about softball but about attitude. Those ladies who helped you were so nice and that meant a lot to her. Also I am glad your team won the World Series. Thanks again.

Rusty OglesbySoftball Factory Parent

Coach Jarvis,
I just want to say thank you for providing me with the opportunity to go to the Oklahoma City camp. I had such a great time and it was awesome to work with you all of the other coaches! I can say that it was probably one of the best camps I have been to and the experience was amazing! I meant to send this email earlier but the week I got back from the camp, I had finals and was really busy studying. Then this past weekend I was at my first tournament of the summer with my travel team. It was SUCH a great weekend for me! I hit a grand slam, another home run, and then another one that the center fielder had to fall over the fence and catch. I also did really well in left field, creating a lot of putouts and I even fell over the fence to catch a ball! I am looking forward to next weekend up at the Pennsbury tournament. So, to sum things up, thank you sooooo much for the opportunity to be at the camp in Oklahoma City. I learned a lot from it and it has translated into my game. Thanks Again!

Jordan CargileSoftball Factory Player

Hi Lea Ann,

I just wanted to commend you and your staff for an outstanding event in Oklahoma. It was obvious that a lot of time and energy went into making that happen. You ladies really have your stuff together and the girls gained a lot of valuable knowledge from you all. It’s refreshing to see people who really love what they do and want to share it with others. Jaz will carry this with her for the rest of her life I’m sure. It was her first time doing anything like this. She was a bit timid and didn’t start to play like herself until the last day. I tried to put things into perspective for her the night before that and I think she understood that no matter who you play with you still have to show up and get your job done. If you hang out in the back too long you get left behind. Anyway, I admire and appreciate all that you guys have done for Jazmine and the rest of the girls as well.

Ronette Gray-JonesSoftball Factory Parent

Hi Jeff,

Mike & Myself just wanted to thank you again for the time you for the attention you gave to Paige at NTC on Wednesday! Your team is great and Paige really appreciates that they are such a help, not just yesterday but from here on in! Paige would not stop talking about what she needs to work on and wants to do in the future! She did not realize how much softball meant to her until all the encouraging words! We are going to the Mt. Dora Tigers practice next week to get to some showcases and to freshen up her skills!! Once again, thank you for the help. I’m sure you will be seeing Paige again at more evaluations!

Christina RichardsSoftball Factory Parent

Hi Lea Ann!
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful event that you and your staff put on for the girls in the Ashland area on Monday, June 18th. You are a very inspirational speaker and offered the girls a lot of insight and information that will help them all advance with their softball careers and with college choices. My daughter, Lauren Landers, will be entering 8th grade in the fall, but thanks to you, has begun seriously thinking about which colleges she would like to attend. She is setting her sights high and picking division I colleges first. I have always told her to make goals and to work hard to achieve them. Thanks to you, she is setting those goals high and is excited to work hard and achieve success. You are a wonderful asset to the softball community. Thank you for giving so much to so many young athletes. I hope that our paths will cross again. May God bless you in all that you do!

Karen LandersSoftball Factory Parent

Hello Coach LJ! My name is Lauren Landers and I just recently attended one of your camps in Ashland, Ohio. I had a great time and learned a lot. Even though I’m only thirteen I found it very helpful when you spoke about colleges, the importance of education and the need for love/honor/respect for the game of softball. I will definitely carry on this information throughout my entire softball career. I really look forward to meeting you again someday! Thanks again!

Lauren LandersSoftball Factory Player