Under Armour Southwest Championship National Showcase – Team Rosters and Scouting Reports


October 27-28, 2018
Heritage Yards at Plano – Plano, TX
Schedule & Scores

* PLEASE NOTE: Players written up on the scouting blog were identified by our scouting staff based on the demonstration of notable tool(s) and/or skill(s). While WE DO NOT KEEP STATS, we are watching for standout performers on the mound, at the plate, in the field and on the bases. However, a performance WITHOUT the presence of requisite tool(s) and/or skill(s) IS NOT considered standout — we are looking for players with the tool(s) and/or skill(s) to play beyond the high school level.

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16U Participating Teams

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Centex Buzz

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50 – Nicole Gonzales – 2022 RHP/1B – showed excellent control of her 57-58 MPH fastball and 46 MPH changeup, works in and out well, plays her position well

77 – Sadie Mitchell – OF –  shows good presence on the field and possesses a strong accurate arm

3 – Macey Cooper – 2023 C/ 3B – behind the plate she works hard and does a good job of blocking and moving side to side, communicates well. At the plate she showed good power to all fields.

14 – Zoey Johnson – 2021 1B/OF – very patient player at first, moves with throw and make the stretch play with ease. At the plate she showed good explosive hands and generates good power.  Excellent speed on the bases.


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DFW Firecrackers – Smith

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00 – India McMurray – 2022 3B – Really cover a lot of ground on defense, tracks the ball well and makes every play look easy. Strong arm.  At the plate does a good job of going with the pitch and hitting the ball oppo when possible.

10 Hailey Evans – 2021 RHP/SS – In the circle did a great job with her spin, curve ball moves well and stays in the 54-55 mph range. At the plate she is very disciplined and does not swing outside of her comfort zone.

15 – Maritza Arellano – 2022 OF/C – Very aggressive on defense behind the plate and not afraid to keep runners close.  At the plate she battles well and works the count to get her pitch. Showed good oppo power.

24 – Alayna Parram – 2021 OF/SS – Excellent baserunner with above average speed. In the OF she uses her speed to take control and posses a strong arm.

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Impact Gold DFW Corbin

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0 – Shalie Wooden – 2022 RHP/1B – Very composed in the circle with a lot of spin, 53-54 mph and 37 mph change.

2 Jade Willingham – 2022 C/2B – Very fast out of the box and on the base path with good bat control.  Knows what she wants to do in the box.

13 – Alexis Edgett – 2022 1b/OF – At the plate she does a good job of staying inside the ball and showing power to the opposite field. On defense moves well and makes the tough play look easy.


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Magic 16u Gold

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3 – Alison Robertson – 2021 SS/C – at the plate she shows good bat control, very quick runner, and has the ability to bunt for hits.

79 – Kayla Minst – 2020 SS/2B – At the plate she showed lots of power and great extension through the ball. Fundamentally sound as a middle infielder makes strong, accurate throws. College ready skills.

39 – no name – C – Solid behind the plate, works hard for and with pitchers, shows a lot of confidence on the field.


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Mansfield Legends

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4 – Miranda Fimbres – 2022 LF/3B – Behind the plate, she showed good quickness, throws to the bag were accurate and on time. At the plate she showed an excellent approach and a consistent swing.

25 – Hannah Hurd – 2020 SS/1B – At the plate, stays on top of the ball well and hits hard line drives consistently. In the field, she showed good range and good arm.


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Texas Black Cats 03

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6 – Caitlin Beaty – 2022 C/1B – Behind the plate she showed great quickness and confident on her pop and throws. At the plate she has a very smooth swing and does a good job of driving through the ball.

14 – Hollyn Gaffner – 2021 3B/LF – At the plate shows good power and extension through the ball. In the field she covers a lot of ground, reads the ball well off of the bat and tracks it well.

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Texas Fusion DFW

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0 – Kaylee Castillo – 2022 SS/CF – Very athletic player who does a great job at the plate of keeping her hands inside and swinging for power.

2 – Alyssa Holland – 2022 LF/CF – Player who battles at the plate, does a good job of controlling her hands during the swing and using her speed on the basepath to create opportunities to advance.

12 – Zaniya Gutierrez – 2022 3B/1B – On defense she fields her position well and reacts well to the ball. At the plate she creates a lot of power by using her lower half.

19 – Mollie McCurdy – 2022 RHP/OF –  Good spin pitcher who stays in the 53-54 mph range and mixes in a very deceptive change up. Keeps the ball low in the zone.

77 – Madions Slater – 2021 C/IF – At the plate has good extension through the ball. Aggressive on  the basepath as well. Very athletic behind the plate and able to make the quick accurate throw from her knees.


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Texas Travelers 16u Premier

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1 – Miranda Lopez – 2021 OF/1B – Slapper who has the power to also stand and hit away.Showed really good speed on the bases and excellent field awareness.

2 – Madysen Boutman – 2022 C/1B – Behind the plate she posses a very strong and accurate arm. Can make the throw from her knees as well. Communicates well with her teammates.  At the plate she showed excellent home run power.

3 – Audrey Pearce – 2021 LF/CF – Very athletic player with good instincts and fundamentals. Line driver hitter who consistently makes solid contact and run the bases well.

6 – Brooke Johnson – 2021 RHP/3B – Consistently in the 55-7 ranger with excellent control, good command of her riseball and is calm and confident in the circle. At the plate she had a solid smooth swing.

17 – Hadlee Patrick – 2020 OF/2B – at the plate as a slapper, she had a solid swing that produces hard line drives up the middle consistently.  At SS, she covers the infield well and possesses a strong arm and good foot work.


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18U Participating Teams

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0 – Samantha Puente – 2021 LHP/1B – Showed good composure in the circle and consistent 57-58 mph and 54 mph off speed.

9 – Carly Summerall – 2020 1B/RF – Does a good job at the plate of staying inside the ball, showing power to the opposite field and staying on top of the ball.

15 – Katrerine Repp = 2019 C/3B – Behind the plate she blocks well and posses a good arm. At the plate does a good job of getting her hands to the ball and exploding through the ball for home run power.

23 – Abigail Weeden – 2020 – At the plate has good hands, consistent bat path and showed good power up the middle and home run ability.


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Texas Blaze NTX Picazo

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7 – Ashley Dart – 2019 CF/OF – Posses outstanding speed and shows it on the base path and in the field.  Makes the hard plays look easy and tracks the ball well.

13 – Michell Gamez – 2020 C/OF – Strong arm catcher who can make the strong accurate throw from her knees when needed. Communicates well with the other players and has a quick release.

17 – Savannah Gunn – 2020 RHP/3B – Well mannered pitcher in the circle with consistent 57-58 mph and 42 mph change up. Good movement on curve and hits the corners on command.


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Wolfpack Elite

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2 – Kylee Brakbill – 2019 C/2B – Behind the plate, she blocks the ball well, has good quick lateral movement, with a 2.23 POP time.

13 – Catherine Murphy – 2020 C/OF – In the field she reads the ball off of the bat well, not afraid to go all out and make the diving catch.  At the plate she showed good quick and explodes through the ball.

27 – Stephanie Chico – 2020 RHP/OF – Very fast player with good opposite field power.  Runs the bases well. In the circle throws 53-54 mph with good spin and a 49 mph change up.

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