Softball Factory Alum Chloe Bryant Excited For Next Chapter After Committing to Texas A&M Kingsville

When asked what she loves about softball, Softball Factory alum Chloe Bryant cannot help but to gush about her appreciation for the sport that has given her so much.

“What I love about softball is that it’s different from any other sport I’ve played,” the multi-sport student-athlete answered. “I play high school volleyball and I run track, but in softball you have a family. You have each other’s back win or lose. During and after the games on the weekend, I have the most fun and make the best memories with my team – my second family.”

Bryant, a senior shortstop and outfielder at Pleasanton High School, will get to continue to play the sport she loves most at the next level, as she has recently committed to Texas A&M Kingsville University.

Chloe at bat for Pleasanton High

The future Javelina believes Softball Factory assisted her with the recruiting process.

“Softball Factory taught me at a young age that the emotions I give off really can affect getting recruited,” she explains. “No one wants someone who gives up after one error. Coaches want to see how you accept failure and Softball Factory taught me that.”

“I liked how everyone was doing the same thing,” Bryant continues. “No matter how good you were, we went back to the basics and made sure we were doing everything right. The biggest takeaway would be that there’s always something that needs improvement, that being good enough isn’t enough.”

Bryant at the 2016 Softball Factory World Series in Vero Beach, Fla.

The Pleasanton, Texas native, who has attended both an Under Armour Softball Factory National Tryout in San Antonio, Texas in January of 2016 and the Softball Factory World Series in Vero Beach, Fla. in June of the same year, is still applying skills she’s learned while attending Softball Factory events to her game today.

“I actually was told that at one of the sessions that when I open my hips up to a ball that I would stand up instead of just opening up, staying low and getting the ball,” Bryant said. “I’ve worked on it a lot, and I’ve gotten a lot of balls that I wouldn’t have gotten without being told that.”

Softball Factory has helped her to make some lifestyle changes that have also benefited her game.

“Another thing that I learned that I’ve applied to my life after my time with Softball Factory was to eat healthy,” the 2019 grad recalls. “I remember eating heavy food before our workout one day and I was supper sluggish. Later I ate better food that would boost my energy and I felt a lot better. Ever since then I haven’t had to worry about being sluggish. Eating healthy really helps you play better.”

Bryant is excited to take all that she has learned with her to the next level of her softball career. Playing on the collegiate stage has been a dream for the 2019 high school grad. Now that dream will soon become reality.

“Committing was something I had been waiting my whole life for and committing to Texas A&M Kingsville was just the cherry on top,” she says. “Going into the recruiting process, things that I knew would determine my decision were how I really felt about the campus, the coaches and just if I could see myself there for the next four years of my life. I automatically fell in love with everything at first sight and knew that Kingsville would be my home for the next four years.”

That being said, Bryant also wants to soak up the last year of her high school career as much as possible. She knows she will miss her “second family”.

“These girls will always have an impact on my life, and in about a year saying goodbye to them will be the hardest thing,” Bryant admits.

“The reason I love softball is because it’s given me people and memories I will never forget,” Bryant says, circling back to what fuels her passion for the game, “it’s shaped me into who I am today and I’m forever grateful that all those years ago I saw a sign that read ‘little league signups due today.’ God has a plan, and his was for me to be a softball player.”