2019 Under Armour Eastern Elite Florida National Showcase – Team Rosters and Scouting Reports


November 16-17, 2019
Historic Dodgertown – Vero Beach, FL

Schedule & Scores

Skills Testing

Teams have the option to participate in a series of skills tests:

  • Home to 1B run time
  • Overhand (arm) velocity
  • Exit (bat) velocity

Testing Leaders

Rosters and Scouting Reports

* PLEASE NOTE: Players written up on the scouting blog were identified by our scouting staff based on the demonstration of notable tool(s) and/or skill(s). While WE DO NOT KEEP STATS, we are watching for standout performers on the mound, at the plate, in the field and on the bases. However, a performance WITHOUT the presence of requisite tool(s) and/or skill(s) IS NOT considered standout — we are looking for players with the tool(s) and/or skill(s) to play beyond the high school level.

Teams are organized alphabetically within each age division. To view associated
content, either click on a team name or scroll down.

14U Participating Teams

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Georgia Hit Squad – Long

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2 – Chansley Eason – 2023 1B/IF – Fields in athletic position. Has a quick transfer with strong arm. Explosive swing in the box.

7 – Morgan Coleman – 2023 CF/1B – Strong, hard contact hitter. Good baserunner with speed.

9 – Skyler Lee – C/IF –  Strong base with good load and timing. Behind the plate she is athletic in her base and has a strong glove framing.

10 – Abbey Parrish – 2024 C/1B – Possesses a very strong arm. Vocal with her pitchers. Blocks the ball very well. Pop time: 1.80

14 – Lauren Erickson – 2023 RF/IF – Player with great speed and a good bat.

15 – Kelsey McDuffie – 2024 LF/IF – Speed. Good, hard contact hitter with explosive bat speed.

17 – Riley Lamb – 2024 RHP/OF– Strong delivery and follow through on her pitches. Balls have movement. Confident demeanor who is vocal and a good teammate. She hustles. In the box, she is a line drive hitter with explosive swing. FB: 58

22 – Devin Long – 2023 RHP/IF – Squares the ball up on contact. Defensively, has good footwork and glove management while playing shortstop. She has a strong arm.

23 – Olivia Horton – 2023 RHP/IF – Good timing with strong, athletic base. Explosive contact.

42 – Hailey Roman – 2023 3B/IF – Strong contact hitter. Has quick feet and good glove in the field.

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Lake County Tigers – Beall

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1 – Carleigh Scott – 2024 RHP/OF – Calm, confident free arm. Changeup keeps batter off balance. FB: 53 CH: 31

4 – Audrie Mansfield – 2024 C/3B – Strong, athletic base. Good frame and glove hold. Vocal player. Strong arm with a quick transfer.

6 – Brooke Moss – 2024 2B/SS – Good pre-pitch with quick feet. Athletic position and has good game knowledge.

10 – Taylor Goff – 2024 3B/1B – Power.

13 – Kiersten Taylor – 2024 SS/CF – Good pre-pitch and athletic form. Vocal player who is agile and has speed.

20 – Ciara Maple – 2024 CF/2B – Strong, consistent contact in the box. Defensively, tracks the ball well with speed. Has a strong arm in OF.

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16U Participating Teams

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Florida Smoke

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6 – Katherine Short – 2024 SS/LF – Good defensive footwork and a strong arm. Has very good spacial awareness and glove management.

9 – Abi Dubois – 2022 RF/2B –  Strong and square contact hitter.

13 – Anavictoria Pagan – 2021 1B/CF – Agile, quick feet. Good pre-pitch. Vocal player.

17 – Alexandra Phillips – RHP/SS – In the box, she works from a strong base. She has a good load and timing that is controlled. Calm demeanor. Has good hustle.

21 – Olivia Jimenez – 2021 C/3B – Great blocking skills and communication. Strong arm with accuracy.

24 – Kaley Rose – 2021 RHP/1B – Strong base in the box. Power hitter with explosive bat speed. Great movement. In the circle, she has a strong delivery. Accurate arm with excellent wrist action.

55 – Kaitlyn Snow – 2021 LF/SS – Vocal player. Shows patience in the box.

99 – Paisley Wallace – C/3B – Low, athletic load. Squares the ball up with power. Explosive bat. Shows she knows the game.  Plays under control and a very good player. Reads the ball well.

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Lightspeed McKinney

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2 – Victoria Weherberger – 2023 RHP/OF – Has a good bat and stays inside the ball. Spray hitter who uses all parts of the field.

3 – Jasmynn McKinney – 2023 OF/CF – Good base running speed. Defensively she has quick feet with a good backhand.

5 – Victoria Hazelton – 2023 3B/RHP – Good spin on pitches with excellent wrist action.

11 – Mallory Collier – 2024 1B/OF – Power hitter. In the field she has a good pre-pitch.

12 – Kennedy Moody – 2024 CF/C – Behind the plate she set up well and handled her pitchers. Good arm. Framing and blocking were good. Soft glove/hands.

17 – Sage Symington – 2024 3B – Good coverage in the field. She has a quick, clean exchange

18 – Victoria Brown – 2022 C/OF – In the field she has good first step range. Agile, quick, effective footwork with a strong arm.  Made strong contact at the plate.

21 – Aashanna Francis – 2021 OF/IF – Quick feet and good range. Agile player with a good pre pitch. Demonstrates a good swing in the box.

24 – Maryah Terrien – 2024 OF – Good speed in the OF. Gets good reads and jump on balls off the bat. Strong arm.

28 – Justice McKinney – 2022 SS/C – Defensively she has a good glove and backhand. Has a strong arm. Behind the plate, she had a good snap throw to 1B. Good frame work. In the box she makes good contact.

35 – Alexa Bethel – 2023 RHP/1B – Great pitches that have movement.  FB:65,63,62


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Texas Glory Venice 03

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0 – Kendall Bennett – 2022 OF – Good bat speed. Has power.

7 – Elizabeth Caviston – 2021 LF/3B – Speed  (Had bunt for base hit). Smart baserunner.

12 – Ashley Lyeria – 2022 3B/RHP – Good stride, arm circle and release. FB: 52

21 – Brianna O’Connell – 2021 3B/OF – Has good angles defensively and a good arm. Has speed as runner.

33 – Taylor Marino – 2021 C/LF – Has soft hands behind the plate. Frames and blocks well. At the plate she knows how to work the count. Has good bat speed and hits to all parts of the field (spray hitter).

42 – Madison Johnson – 2021 RHP/SS – Good footwork in the field. Hustles and has a good arm.

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18U Participating Teams

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Batbusters – Carvatta

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1 – Julia Schrot – 2021 SS/2B – Field general. She leads off and works the count really well. Has good speed and is heads up on the base paths. Quick hands and a good bunter.

8 – Leighton Strickland – 2021 3B/C – Blocks and frames well behind the plate. Good baserunner that has speed.

15 – Savannah Medina – 2020 2B/OF – Good speed.

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FSA Legends

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6 – Kailyn Gibson – 2022 RHP/2B – Good speed on bases. SB: 52 CH: 43

7 – Jaelyn Kelley – 2022 C/3B – Good bat speed with strong opposite field pop. Defensively she is quick to field balls and has a plus arm.

7 – Sophia Palazini – 2020 RHP/3B – Athletic player. Quick hands and discipline at the plate.

15 – Alexis Hollinger – 2020 C/SS – Solid swing with good hands, bat speed, and power/pop. She is aggressive and steps in the box wanting to hit.

19 – Morgan Bryant – 2021 3B/RHP – Good around the bag at 1B. Picks the ball and stretches.

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Osceola Overdrive

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0 – Shelby Jones – 2020 RHP/OF – Good spin and velocity. Moves pitches around and not afraid to throw inside.

2 – Hannah Nasco – 2022 OF/SS – Makes good contact at the plate. On the bases, she has excellent speed and is a good baserunner. Hustles all the time.

19 – Kayley Jones – 2023 C/OF – Blocks and frames well. Strong and accurate arm.

42 – Kayleen DE Jesus – 2022 2B/C – Smooth swing and hits backside well. Squares the ball up and has good pop. Hits ball hard.

55 – Amanda Whalen – 2023 RHP/IF – Good movement on pitches. FB: 49 CH 37

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Pinellas Warriors – Mike

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2 – Alyson Lucas – 2021 SS/OF – Runs a 3.1 out of the box. Slaps to all parts of the field and has great bat control.

12 – Madison Wagner – 2020 C/OF – Line drive hitter. Behind the plate she has an accurate strong arm. Is strong at catching pop ups in foul territory.

14 – Johnna Seriano – 2021 C/OF – 2.1 pop time behind the plate.

15 – Isabella Hamilton – 2021 LHP/1B – Excellent running movement on fastball and a strong changeup. Mound presence remains strong and composed even when things go wrong behind her. FB: 57 CH: 36

19 – Frankie Raeckers – 2020 1B – A ton of power in the box. At 1B she has good feet and movement allowing her to be agile and field the ball well.

23 – Abigail Siegel – 2020 2B/OF – Line drive hitter with power to the gaps. She has above average speed.

27 – Hannah Harring – 2022 RHP/1B –  Outstanding curveball with an above average change. FB: 53 CH: 41

33 – Hailey Copechal – 2022 RHP/1B – 3.0 out of the box. Great bat control who can place the ball well when slapping.

44 – Jenna Gabrielli – 2020 OF/3B – Shows good patience at the plate. Power hitter even when hitting to opposite side of the field. Clutch in the box.

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TNT Florida – Rick

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2 – Payton Post – 2020 RHP/1B – Pitcher who has good spin and is able to locate all pitches while hitting her spots. Disguises her changeup well. She works quick and confident in the circle. FB: 55-56 CH: 47 In the box, she has gap power!

7 – Kiara Meikle – 2020 CF/OF – She has a compact swing with HR power. Has good speed and awareness on the bases making her a threat for stealing bases.

18 – Lauren Fortunato – 2020 IF/C – Hitter who works gap to gap and hits line drives. Behind the plate she is solid all around (blocking, throwing, framing).

24 – Dejah Mendez – 2021 OF/IF – Excellent bunter who is fast

28 – Cory Paz – 2022 3B/RHP – Smooth fielder with a great glove at 3B. She has quick reactions and a solid arm. At the plate she demonstrates good bat speed and puts barrel to ball.

44 – Hanna Lamb – 2022 C/3B – Good contact hitter who squares the ball up.

44 – Victoria Vilarchao – 2020 1B/3B – Squares ball up well and hits the ball hard.

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Testing Leaders

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Top Home to 1B Times

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sec Name Team
2.67 Dejah Mendes TNT
2.7 Riley Lamb Hit Squad
2.7 Kelsey McDuffie Hit Squad
2.7 Melanie Arriola Osceola Overdrive

Top Overhand (Arm) Velocities

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mph Name Team
63 Chansley Eason Hit Squad
61 Maddison Manning TNT

Top Exit (Bat) Velocities

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mph Name Team
73 Riley Lamb Hit Squad
71 Mallory Collier Lightspeed
71 Alexa Beshel Lightspeed
69 Jasmine Rachel TX Glory
67 Justice McKinney Lightspeed

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