2019 Under Armour So Cal Classic National Showcase – Team Rosters and Scouting Reports


November 9-10, 2019
Diamond Valley Sports Complex – Hemet, CA

Schedule & Scores

Skills Testing

Teams have the option to participate in a series of skills tests:

  • Home to 1B run time
  • Overhand (arm) velocity
  • Exit (bat) velocity

Testing Leaders

Rosters and Scouting Reports

* PLEASE NOTE: Players written up on the scouting blog were identified by our scouting staff based on the demonstration of notable tool(s) and/or skill(s). While WE DO NOT KEEP STATS, we are watching for standout performers on the mound, at the plate, in the field and on the bases. However, a performance WITHOUT the presence of requisite tool(s) and/or skill(s) IS NOT considered standout — we are looking for players with the tool(s) and/or skill(s) to play beyond the high school level.

Teams are organized alphabetically within each age division. To view associated
content, either click on a team name or scroll down.

Participating Teams

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American Pastime

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3 – Kimberly Dea – 2021 RHP/2B – Good command and movement of pitches. With a little more size and speed she could become a very effective pitcher. FB: 52

8 – Aubrey Champion – 2022 SS/2B – Defensively has a good arm, quick feet and plays loose. She is fun to watch play. Has the skills to develop into an impact type shortstop.

24 – Audrey Garcia – 2022 C/2B – Has great hand-eye coordination at the plate and keeps barrel in zone long. Behind the plate, she plays tough and has good presence. Frames the ball well inside part of the plate especially against right-handed batters.

26 – Jaidynn Alvarez – 2022 RHP/1B – Throws the ball with a quick delivery and good late movement making it hard to pick up. Pitches have pretty tight spin. FB: 52

33 – Kera Willoughby – 2021 RHP/1B – Good hitter who can swing on multiple planes. Works barrel well on low pitches. Stays back on off speed and has quick hands. She has a strong box presence.

36 – Zada Day-Adams – 2021 RHP/CF – Good bat speed through the zone and shoulder rotation. Has skills to become an impact type hitter.

98 – Alysha Wagner – 2022 CF/SS – Solid baserunner who runs aggressively and with good footwork rounding bases.

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CA Raiders IE

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1 – Azusena Lopez – 2024 OF/RHP – Tracked a ball down in left field that was crushed to the fence and played it extremely well.

14 – Kaitlyn Valencia – 2022 2B/C – Great 5-6 hole range.

68 – Rebecca Martinez – 2022 3B/1B – Gap to gap hitter who has power.

77 – Azalya Lopez – 2022 RHP/SS – At the plate she has explosive hips and hands; working gap to gap. Defensively, she has a low and athletic fielding position and is vocal. She has good mound presence. Pitched well with speed on screw and has a nice changeup. Good body and leg drive and follow through on pitches. Needs more movement though.  FB: 55 CU:50

84 – Megan Aranda – 2023 1B/RF – A hitter who goes deep in the count and battles well. Puts best swing on outside pitches but attacks inside to make quality at-bats.

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Cal A’s

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0 – Ereka Gibbs – 2022 RHP/1B – Good positive attitude and vocal leader in the field. Always engaged mentally in the game.

25 – Janyla Johnson – 2021 1B/RF – Great size that you want in a first basemen. Has good power with inside pitches and knows how to control and drop barrel very well.

26 – Janessa Santos – 2023 RHP/OF – In the circle she has a live arm and throws a heavy ball. She has a good frame for a pitcher and well built. FB: 58

32 – Kimberly Ray – 2023 C/OF – Shows good footwork behind the plate and can block difficult balls in the dirt. Her arm is strong and has a quick release. She has the skill set to be a great catcher.

42 – Aaliyah Martinez – 2022 2B – She has good size and speed for a power potential middle infielder. Defensively she shifts well based on the pitch being thrown.

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California Gold – Fields

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2 – Jasmine Lyons – 2021 SS/2B – She is a fast runner who can bunt well.

5 – Pilar Cota Levin – 2022 CF/OF – Good runner.

11 – Rowan Colleary – 2020 1B/OF – Works contact up the middle and has on time footwork. She hustles and has heads up baserunning.

15 – Abelina Nunez – 2020 3B/1B – Fields position well and can bunt when asked in the box.

16 – Ashley Swartz – 2021 SS/2B – Quick out of the box.

26 – Nicole Swartz – 2021 3B/C – Runs well.

89 – Brooke Erickson – 2021 RHP/C – She is aggressive behind the plate.

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Lady Colt 45’s – Peinado

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7 – Teresa Portillo – 2022 RHP/3B – Takes “man hacks” at the plate and has good extension.

13 – Aylah Bonilla – 2022 C/2B – Stays through ball well with follow through. Has good move with shoulder and hips. Aggressive baserunner.

22 – Ava Estrada – 2023 SS/CF – A well coached player who has good mechanics and stays back well on the ball. FB: 50

26 – Brianna Diaz – 2023 2B/SS – Fast and smart base runner who stays through her swing well.

44 – Maheilia Thomas – 2022 OF/1B – Fast and aggressive on bases. She has deceptively long strides and brings multiple weapons to the plate. She has good plate coverage.

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OC Elite

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10 – Abby Paulsen – 2022 SS/3B – Fields position well. Contact hitter who has speed.

15 – Skye Manda – 2022 CF/LF – Tall player who can bunt well. Has speed down line and on bases.

18 – Jade Sanchez – 2022 RHP/1B – Big bat and good box presence. FB: 48

21 – Antonia Velaquez – 2022 C/3B – Tall player who has a good presence at the plate and in the box.

25 – Mellanie Barth – 2021 1B/2B – Good bunter who can move runners when asked.

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Ohana Tigers Peralta/Garcia

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5 – Ashley Garcia – 2022 RHP/1B – Gets ground balls.

10 – Hannah Guilfoos – 2022 3B/1B – Shows a lot of softball IQ. She knows how to anticipate the game and plays aggressively. Made diving play at 3B and plays the position well.

12 – Isabella Barillas – 2023 C/OF – Is aggressive behind the plate and has ability to block balls in the dirt.

15 – Kaylee Luna – 2022 OF/1B – Runs decently but a good oppo hitter.

22 – Celeste Quezada – 2023 SS/CF – Tall, athletic build. At SS she showed a lot of athleticism and leadership. Best defensive player. Has good range with a quick transfer. At the plate she is patient.

26 – Kendal Bangert – 2022 C/2B – Fields the ball well. She is a contact hitter who hits the outside pitch well. Has a tall, athletic build.

34 – Rosie Valenzuela – 2022 1B/3B – Runs well for size. She is a good line-drive hitter.

36 – Reese Garcia – 2022 OF/1B – She is a player who hustles and shows the ability to move runners effectively.

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Rocky Mountain Thunder

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3 – Erin Keen – 2021 SS/2B – Good hitter with quick hands. Gets out of the box from the right side very fast.

11 – Karlie Walters – 2020 3B/OF – A good athlete with a good swing. Plays the game the right way with lots of energy and effort.

12 – Audrey Burt – 2021 RHP/1B – Works fast in the circle and has a good mound presence. Has good movement and command. FB: 58

13 – Isabella Quintana – 2021 RHP/3B – Great presence at the plate. Very poised.

33 – Payton Pacheco – 2021 3B/SS – Good hitter with a good follow through. Her barrel stays through the zone long.

93 – Courtney McAllister – 2021 OF/2B – Good top hand hitting with good bat speed. Very good shoulder and hip rotation while staying long through the hitting zone.

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So Cal Alliance

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16 – Power hitter

27 – Contact hitter who has a strong front foot and turns hips.

31 – Pitcher – Locates her pitches well and has late movement on the ball. FB: 48/49


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So Cal Athletics – LeMaster/Cruz

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1 – Sielo Torres – 2021 RHP/1B – Locates her pitches well. She keeps the ball low creating a lot of ground balls.

9 – Alexis Hunter – 2021 CF/1B – A heads up player who runs the bases well.

10 – Lauryn Lemaster – 2021 C/SS – Works hard behind the plate never taking pitches off. Accurate throw downs. At the plate she has a good and controlled load. Runs well.

11 – Elishia Jimenez – 2022 1B/OF – Tall lefty with an easy swing. Has good hands.

22 – Ysenia Torres – 2021 2B/OF – A lefty in the box who can bunt and runs well. Fields her position well.

31 – Teresa Catalan – 2022 3B/SS – She has an explosive lower half and quick bat speed. Defensively, has a quick and strong release at shortstop.

33 – Layla Walters – 2022 C/SS – A gap to gap hitter who goes with the pitch. On base she is an aggressive baserunner who is heads up.

42 – Odeth Rauda – 2021 CF/OF – Hitter who makes consistent contact and swings on plane. Quick on bases and runs them well.

67 – Danella Leon – 2022 RHP/2B – Pitches with control and hits her spots with strong wrist action.

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So Cal Athletics Jendro Premier

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5 – Hailey Nuechterlein – 2021 CF/RF – Fast and dangerous allowing her to cause havoc on the bases.

12 – Bella Lowdermilk – 2020 C/1B – Scary hitter. The ball explodes off her bat.

20 – Allyson Riches – 2020 CF/RF – Perfect swing, great power. She uses her top hand very effectively in her swing and is a dangerous hitter.

22 – Sarah Bhatt – 2020 RHP/1B – She has a live arm in the circle and lots of movement. East to west pitcher and her pitches have crazy late movement. FB: 63

31 – Angelina Russo – 2021 RHP/1B – She displays great mechanics in the circle resulting in great late movement and tight spin. She has a very good curve and a filthy changeup! FB: 61 CU: 42

88 – Miranda Murphy – 2021 CF/OF – Mechanics are flawless leading to a perfect swing. Has great extension. She leads off the bags with great explosion.

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So Cal Athletics Jendro/Wayne

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5 – Makayla Torres – 2021 1B/2B – A power hitter who can open her hips up early and turn on an inside pitch well. She can stay back on changeup and runs well.

13 – Sabrina Hisey – 2021 RHP/OF – Has a good arm action. On her up pitches she has late movement. FB: 55 CU: 46

16 – Aubry New – 2020 RHP/OF – A deceptively quick pitcher who has an easy arm action and throws with smooth fluidity. Great mound presence who can also field position well. At the plate, she hunts fastballs and has great hips and shoulder rotation. FB: 58 CU: 44

33 – Ashlynn Ortiz – 2022 1B/OF – Fast runner who is aggressive and has good presence.

72 – Taylor Martinez – 2022 C/OF – Great arm behind the plate with a good understanding of the game. Solid hitter with backside rotation. Has the skills to be an impact type player in college. Pop time: 1.89

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So Cal Synergy

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1 – Nayeli Chapa – 2023 3B/1B – Makes consistent contact up the middle.

9 – Alison Murphy – 2022 CF/OF – Creates good extension in her swing.

10 – Lianie Ketelson – 2022 RHP/1B – Fields position well. FB: 50

11 – Sa’Ni Marshall – 2022 LF/OF – Gap to gap hitter who is a solid baserunner.

19 – Faith Sandoval – 2022 3B/C – Power hitter with a powerful stance in the box.

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Team Havoc

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5 – Johanna Vidales – 2025 2B/C – Solid behind the plate and frames well.

24 – Daliah Novelo –2020 OF/C – Good composure at the plate. Has a good eye and plate discipline. Lets ball travel and get deep in the zone. Quick hands. When running the bases she has good instincts.

26 – Vivian Pacheco – 2026 OF/2B – Good athlete who has some pop at the plate. Will become an impact type player as a hitter.

66 – Gizelle Leyva – 2021 SS/LHP – Great softball instincts defensively. She has quick feet and a good arm. Stays down and works through ground balls very well.

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USA Athletics – Sanchez 2022

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3 – Marveya Zavala – 2022 OF/2B – Good swing at the plate.

7 – Marissa Sanchez – 2023 SS/RHP – Has a powerful stance in the box and works hands inside the ball. Makes good contact. Has good softball IQ on defense.

10 – Claude Nadia – 2022 2B/3B – Powerful load and stance in the box. She is explosive and has good extension. Fields her position well defensively.

14 – Tatum Wiggs – 2022 RHP/1B – Calm and confident presence on the mound. She keeps the ball low and has strong build. FB: 53 CU: 43

22 – Lillian Whippie – 2022 LF/CF – Tall athletic player who has good speed.

24 – Isabella Sanchez – 2022 C/LF – Behind the plate is aggressive with a decent arm.

37 – Julianna Roche – 2023 RHP/3B – Ground ball pitcher. At the plate she is patient.

42 – Gina Olson – 2022 SS/3B – Athletic player who also runs well.

45 – Mia Silva – 2023 1B/LHP – Hits well and maintains control of her load and barrel. In the circle, she places the ball well and works location.

77 – Terese Smith – 2022 OF/3B – Tall, heads up player who runs well.

78 – Chloe Payne – 2024 C/SS – Has good tools behind the plate. As a hitter she makes consistent contact up the middle and is smart when she runs the bases.

90 – Caitlyn Stear – 2022 CF/3B – Soft and short stride in the box and has speed. On the bases she is heads up and an aggressive runner.

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Testing Leaders

Top Home to 1B Times | Top Overhand Velos | Top Exit Velos

Top Home to 1B Times

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sec Name Team
2.6 Ashton Lambert Rocky Mountain Thunder
2.8 Chloe Payne USA Athletics – Sanchez 2022
2.9 Anastasia Sandoval  CA Raiders IE

Top Overhand (Arm) Velocities

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mph Name Team
67 Serena Herbranson SoCal Athletics Jendro Premier
63 Taylor Martinez SoCal Athletics – Jendro/Wayne
61 Taylor Wayne  SoCal Athletics – Jendro/Wayne

Top Exit (Bat) Velocities

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mph Name Team
72 Elyse Cole Ohana Tigers – Perata/Garcia
71 Austin Comstock  SoCal Athletics Jendro Premier
70 Cameron Apodaca Lady Colt 45's – Peinado

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