2019 Under Armour Holiday Classic National Showcase – Team Rosters and Scouting Reports


December 14-15, 2019
Scrapyard Sports Complex – Conroe, TX

Schedule & Scores

Skills Testing

Teams have the option to participate in a series of skills tests:

  • Home to 1B run time
  • Overhand (arm) velocity
  • Exit (bat) velocity

Testing Leaders

Rosters and Scouting Reports

* PLEASE NOTE: Players written up on the scouting blog were identified by our scouting staff based on the demonstration of notable tool(s) and/or skill(s). While WE DO NOT KEEP STATS, we are watching for standout performers on the mound, at the plate, in the field and on the bases. However, a performance WITHOUT the presence of requisite tool(s) and/or skill(s) IS NOT considered standout — we are looking for players with the tool(s) and/or skill(s) to play beyond the high school level.

Teams are organized alphabetically within each age division. To view associated
content, either click on a team name or scroll down.

16U Participating Teams

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American Freedom NTX – Trevino

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4 – Flor Salmeron – 2021 SS/CF – Has great range at shortstop. Covers the field well while being a leader. Is in the game the entire time with good presence.

5 – Mariah Acosta – 2022 CF/SS – Looks good in the box with solid mechanics. Very selective at the plate. Stays inside the ball well especially on inside pitches. Hits opposite field well.

6 – Morgan Acosta – 2024 C – Works hard behind the plate and blocks well. Has a good and accurate arm. At the plate, she has a good swing and makes solid contact.

7 – Hannah Sterriker – 2021 2B/OF – Works hard on defense. Has good range at second.

12 – Zaniya Guiterrez – 2022 2B/1B – Reads hands on hitter well for bunts. Vocal in the field and communicates well with her teammates.

13 – Lauren Ibarra – 2022 1B/3B – Good contact at the plate along with good fundamentals. Solid hitter.

16 – Heavenly Ramos – 2024 LF/RF – Good arm from left field. Reads ball off the bat well. At the plate she takes good cuts.

17 – McKenzie Bales – 2020 C/SS – Works hard behind the plate. Solid framing.

21 – Michaila Ervin – 2021 RF/2B – Good speed. Had a nice drag bunt on left side of field.

43 – Kaylee Smith – 2023 2B/3B – Turned on an inside pitch well for a double. Aggressive in the box.

46 – Brittni Askew – 2022 RHP/CF – Good speed on bases. Has ability to place the ball well when slapping.

77 – Payton Hale – 2023 RHP/SS – Throws consistent in the mid 50s. Confident presence in the circle. Has lots of potential and plays her position well.


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CoreSpeed Fastpitch 2023

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4 – Reese Albrecht – 2023 – RHP/SS – Pitches in the low 50s

10 – Allison Spaulding – 2022 – OF/B – Aggressive in the box. Has explosive bat speed. Line drive hitter.

49 – Natalee Schmidt – 2022 – OF/SS – Great range in the OF. Had a great diving catch in CF. Very vocal in the field. Has good bat control.

77- Kylie Kirk – 2023 – RHP/3B – Pitches in the mid 50s. Has a solid arm at 3B.

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Illusions Gold – Dobson

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7 – Peyton Rohrig – 2022 – C/3B – Moves well in the field with accurate arm. Works hard behind the plate with a strong wrist.

11 – Jayden Hubbell – 2023 RHP/ 1B – Works ahead on batters. FB: 54-56

12 – Jaci Skaggs – 2022 – OF/ 2B – Power slapper with good speed on the bases.

22 – Kara Skaggs – 2022 – OF/ RF Good job of placing balls on the left side as a slapper.

23 – Chloe Perez – 2022 – SS/2B – Great opposite field hitter with good mechanics.

25 – A Patient hitter at the plate. Good opposite field hitter with hustle.

27 – Nora Thomson – 2022 RHP/ 2B – Good approach in the box. Pitches upper 40s and lower 50s.

29 – Kennedy Bourque – 2022 – CF/3B – Good at bats and had a hard hit up the middle. Hits the low pitches well.

33 – Jada Cooper – 2024 – C/3B – Strong with lots of power. Patient at bats.

34 -Natalie Fernandez – 2023 – 3B/ OF – Quick feet with strong, accurate arm. In the box, she makes solid contact with good extension. Power/Gap hitter.

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Illusions Gold Ram

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8 – Haley Ratcliff – 2022 OF/2B – A player who reads the ball well in the field. At the plate she makes good connection and can get around the ball. Also has good speed on the bases.

19 – Claire Ramirez – 2023 RHP/OF – Reads the ball well in the OF and has a good arm. In the box, has a nice follow through and makes good connection. Has good bat speed.

24 – Ivanney Ramirez – 2023 C/OF – Works hard behind the plate and has a good, accurate arm.

34 – Sandra Quiroz – 2023 RHP/OF – Has a nice changeup. FB: 48-51

99 – Addison Greak – 2021 RHP/1B – On the mound she has a calm presence. Has good control of pitches. FB: 57-58 At 1B, she stretches well. Has ability to lay a bunt down at the plate.

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Keller Outlaws

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0- Lauren Wachowiak – 2022 OF – As a slapper, does a good job keeping hands tight to punch the ball in the 5/6 hole. Great base runner with good speed.

2- Kennedy Spaeth – 2022 C/1B – Strong swing. She is patient to wait on her pitch. Good power and selective. As a catcher, has a quick transition and is a good blocker on balls in the dirt. She moves to the ball well.

6 – Dalanie Franklin- 2023 3B/SS/ -Aggressive at the plate. She is quick at 3rd and crashes to the ball well. Quick on her feet.

7- Jorey Hood – 2023 RHP/LF- Great command of her pitches. Gets better as the game goes on.

8 – Keagyn Ure – 2022 C/SS – Aggressive, quick base runner with a good pop up slide.

9 – Kennedy Bevers – 2023 CF/1B – Solid speed and good base runner. Had a bunt for a base hit. She is a selective hitter and stays in the strike zone as a hitter.

11- Victoria Ortiz – 2023- OF/SS – She is patient at the plate. A very heads up baserunner with a delay steal.

22- Mackenzie Ross- 2021 1B/OF- Quick hands and turns on the ball well. Has good pop as a hitter.

23 – Layne Stubbs – 2022 RHP- FB- 53 mph. Has good spin on her rise ball. Had several Ks with her rise ball. Also can work batters away and was successful.

94 – Madylin Riffel – 2023 SS/RHP- Keeps hands inside the ball well. Hits to middle/right field.

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Oklahoma Blaze

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1- Krislynn Mayes – 2020 2B/SS – Quick player. A leader in the IF. Hits with good contact. Good speed on the bases.

5- Desiree Hernandez – 2024 C/2B – Patient at the plate. Drives inside pitch well.

6- Hunter Jonas – 2022 LHP/1B – Ranges pitches from 48-52 mph. Good rise ball.

10 – Megan Hart – 2020 1b/3B – Strong at bats. Hit a rise ball to the top of CF fence.

12- Hannah Williams – 2021 RHP/1B – Pitches in the low 50s.

22- Molly Emerson – 2022 RHP/2B – Strong and swings the bat hard. Pitches around 50-52 mph range. Change up is 42-43 mph.

23 – Abbi Pefferman – 2023 OF/1B – Does a good job turning on the outside pitch.

27- Mia Gipp- 2020 LF/CF- Good contact and goes well with the outside pitch.


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Texas Elite 16u Gold

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1- Addie Lathrop – 2022- 1B/RHP – 3 run HR over CF. Double off the fence with 2 RBIs.

5- Amy Nossal – 2022 – OF/ 2B – Good at bats. Goes deep in counts. Had a stolen base and delayed steal. Heads up and aggresive on bases.

6 – Kara Kolek – 2022- C/1B -Makes good contact in the box. Behind the plate, she throws well from her knees and moves well.

7- Brynn Glidewell- 2023 – RHP/2B – Good control and command in the circle. Curve and drop are her best pitches. She changes speed well.

9 – Jordan Englishbee- 2023- 3B/1B -Turns on the inside pitch and has good power.

13- Mariel Medrano – 2023 – OF/2B- Does a good job staying the box as a slapper. She is selective at the plate and has good speed on the bases. Solid CF defensively.

19 – Does a good job of blocking pitches in the dirt.

22 – Hannah Lebow- 2022 – RHP/1B – FB: 55

88 – Ashley Darliek – 2022 – SS/ C – Good range at SS. Had a great gap hit on a curveball. Plays slow rollers well. Has a good arm.

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Texas Lady Aces

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7 – Kerin Cernoch – 2021- 3B/CF – Had a hard hit off of the fence. Also had a triple with great speed.

12- Brynn Wilburn – 2021 – RHP/1B – Good hitting mechanics. Good pop off of her bat.

13 – Skylar Heger – 2022 – C/1B – Great athletic power. Has lots of potential. Works hard behind the plate and moves to the ball well.

16- Emilie Griffin – 2022- C/OF- Does a good job keeping her hands high and hitting the rise ball. Great speed on the bases. Stole 2B and 3B.

20 – Madisyn Matlock – 2021- CF/OF – Good speed on the bases . She is a good contact hitter. Good speed on her change up.

22- Mackenzie Matlock – 2021- SS/RHP- Aggressive ball player, determined. Good extension through the ball with solid contact as a hitter. Smart and aggressive base runner.

34 – Jalyn Montgomery – 2021- 2B/OF – Good hitting mechanics. Hits the ball where it is pitched. Battles at the plate.

55- Emily Migl- 2022- RHP/2B – FB- 55 mph. Aggressive at the plate. turns on the ball well. Drop ball – 59/60 mph. Can mix up speeds – Change is in the mid 40s.

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Texas Thunderstix

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1 – Maddie Mckay – 2021 – SS/RHP – In the circle, she keeps the ball low and has good off speed. Fields her position well. Has good at-bats as a hitter.

6 – Jadyn Garcia – 2021 – OF – Does a good job staying on line when slapping. Keeps ball on left side of the field. Has good speed on bases.

8 – Tessa Ramirez – 2020 – RHP/ IF -Has good command of pitches. Good, strong swing. Stays quiet in the box with good pitch selection.

9 – Isabella Moncada – 2020 -C/ IF – Strong arm. Hits outside pitches hard. Great, short compact swing.

11 – Kacie Northam – 2021 – IF/ C – Good hitter who turns hard on inside pitch. Has lots of power. Catcher that has good pop time from knees.

14 – Jazmine Chavez – 2022 – RHP/OF – Good pitch selection. Athletic, quick player. Has aggressive at-bats.

16 – Zoe James – 2023 – 3B/ 1B -Solid swing. Takes hard cuts with power. Sits on off speed well.

19 – Emma Royer – 2021 – OF/3B – Â Backs up well on fly balls.Waits on outside pitch well at the plate

21 – Leah Vasquez – 2021- OF/2B – Strong at-bats. Drives the ball up the middle.

22 – Vivian Leisman – 2021 – 2B/SS Â Good approach in the box with good pitch selection.

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18U Participating Teams

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American Freedom ATX 18U Noska

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American Freedom ATX

0 – Courtney McRoberts- 2021- C/ 1B- Good strength with good frame. Soft hands behind the plate. Has lots of power at the plate with more potential as she develops. Pop time: 2.27

2 – Kylie Noska – 2020- 2B/CF- Good technique and footwork in the box as a slapper.

10 – Reagan Hillis- 2020- SS/ C Strong arm with good depth at SS.

12 – Ryleigh Ward – 2020 – 1B/OF – At the plate, she has good pitch selection and doesn’t chase. Goes with the pitch well.

22 –Eleigh Whyte – 2021- LHP/ 1B – Mixes speeds on the mound. FB: 55-57

26 –Addy Potter – 2020- RHP/1B – Very aggressive in the box. Goes with the outside pitch well.

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American Thunder Gold – Cothern

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Austin Horns

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1 – Juliana Lopez – 2021- 2B/OF – In LF, she reads the ball off the bat well. Made a nice sliding stop on a sharp line-drive.

4 – Analytic Herrera- 2021- OF/IF – Gives great effort in CF. Not afraid to lay out and make a play.

17 – Darelyn Harper – 2021- OF/C – Quick slapper who runs well. Has a good jump every pitch and also is vocal leader in dugout.

22 – Ariana Whiteside -2021- 3B/ RHP FB: 53-56


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Corespeed CTX 18u

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3 – Emma Petru – 2023- C/3B – Behind the plate, she communicates and runs the diamond. Shifts and blocks well. Has good reads on balls in the dirt.

5 – Lyssa Petru – 2023- RHP/OF- Strong jump in CF. Takes good angles. In the circle she throws 51-53.

6 – Katelynn Truelove – 2021 – 1B/3B – True 1B. Doesn’t stretch too early. Attacks/picks balls in the dirt.

11 – Kayla Olsen -2023- SS/RHP- Good range at SS and has good movement to the ball.

19 – Maia Garza – 2021- OF- Knows where to be when backing up and defensively smart.

21 – Behind the plate, has an accurate arm when throwing to 2B and 3B. At SS, she is athletic and fast with a strong arm. In the box, has power.

34 – Bailee Morrison – 2022- 2B/OF -Tiny but strong slapper. Fast and can drive the inside pitch.

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CoreSpeed Fastpitch – 18u

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6 – Mikenzie Miller – 2021 – C/OF – As a catcher, she blocks well. Hits well with runners in scoring position.

12- Savanna Clopton – 2021- 3B/C – Great communication behind the plate. Takes control of her infield.

15 – Jessica Cole – 2021 – RHP/SS- Strong arm as a SS. Hits well to the opposite field and goes with the outside pitch well. Fast ball – 50-53 mph.

22- Josie Hebbe – 2021 – C/OF- Moves well behind the plate. Pop time is 2.0 Has good bat speed as a hitter.

27 – Natalie O’Connor – 2020- RHP/2B – Fast ball – 47-50mph. Has a good inside off-speed pitch that keeps batters guessing at the plate. Able to keep hitters off balance.

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1 – Mekiela Sibley- 2021- SS/2B- Aggressive baserunner who is quick. Has great range in the field.

3 – Genina Villarreal – 2020 C/3B – Great blocking skills as well as communicator on the field. Calls her own game. Solid batter. Pop time: 2.12

8- Deandra Rodriguez – 2022- 3B/2B – She is a heads up infielder with good awareness. She has solid contact as a hitter.

10 – Alexis Torres- 2022- OF/1B – Strong arm and reads the ball well in CF.

11- Kamrynn Deleon – 2021 – 2B/OF – She reacts quickly in the field. She has good range in the OF and is able to cover a lot of ground. Has good speed all around.

12 –Natalie Castoreno-2022- RHP/3B -– Heads up player in the field. Moves the ball well. Not fast but effective. FB: 54-57

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New Orleans Nightmares

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1 – Ella Bertucci – 2023 2B/OF – Had a great shot to RF as a right handed hitter. Stays down on ball as a slapper.

6 – Avery Edgar – 2022 1B/OF – Makes good, solid contact.

9 – Riley Sweeney – 2021 OF/RHP – Keeps batters off balance with fastball and change. FB:51 CV: 49

12 – Aunie Rethmeyer – 2020 C/2B – Heads up baserunner.

16 – Elise Simon – 2021 RHP/2B – Good spin on pitches. Throws with speed. FB: 58

17 – Gracee Reeves – 2021 C/3B – Solid hitter. Patient at the plate and really looks to drive her pitch.

22 – Rikki Adams – 2022 SS/OF – Very quick and fast twitch athlete. 2.9 off contact to first base. Covers a lot of ground in the outfield. As a slapper, she has good footwork.

27 – Madison Martin – 2022 2B/SS – Good depth at short. Aggressive in the box and makes good contact. Had a double that burned the CF.

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Texas Elite – 3n2 Ryba

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3 – Sarah Randemann- 2021- RHP/2B – Consistent in the circle and has a good changeup. FB: 51 CH: 37

4 – Zoe Berger – 2021- CF/OF- Quick and smart on the base paths.

27 –Isabel Macias -2022- IF/OF- Fast player and vocal.

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Texas Elite 18U Fobian

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7- Clarisa Zapata – 2021- SS/2B- A power hitter on both sides of the field. Has good team leadership and communication in the field. She moves through the ball very well.

13- Samantha Temple – 2022- RHP/1B- Throws 57-59 mph. Throws in/out pitches well.

14- Callie Collier – 2022- 3B/SS- As a slapper, has great speed. Fields the ball well up the middle. Has good movement towards the ball.

44- Taylor Henken – 2022- 2B/OF – Aggressive baserunner. Reads the ball off the bat well. Takes good angles in the OF.

50 – Reagen Smith – 2022- RHP/1B – FB: 58-60 mph. Aggressive power hitter.

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Texas Fuego

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6 – Zharia Jack – 2021- CF/LF- Has great range in CF

7 – Isabella Lozada- 2023- 2B/RHP – In the circle, she works location in all parts of the zone. Keeps batters guessing.

9 – Jaylynn Dishongh – 2022- RHP/1B – Has a good drop ball that falls off at the right time. Keeps batters guessing. In the box, has a strong swing on the inside pitch.

19 – Alyssa Hernandez – 2022 – C/3B – Behind the plate, she has a strong, accurate arm. Great hustle when backing up throws. In the box, she has power potential.

21 – Cathy Jimenez- 2022 – SS/C Good movement and footwork on balls in the 5/6 hole.

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Texas Premier Gold

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23 – Chloe Smith – 2020- RHP/1B – She turns well on the inside pitch. Has good power at the plate.

26 – Izzy Rivera – 2021 – SS/CF- Runs well with speed. 3.0 clock time from Home to 1st base. Has a good arm from SS position.

55 – Bethany Garrett – 2021- RHP/1B – As a pitcher, she works the outside corner very well. Fast ball – 58 mph. Change – 42 mph. Was able to get a lot of swing and misses. Works well at the top of the zone.

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Texas Sting Gold

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7- Parker Morgan – 2022- RF/OF – As a slapper, she is a quick baserunner. She was able to place the ball safely in the 5/6 hole 2x.

8- Kirstin Ferguson – 2021- RHP/IF – Agressive baserunner and always looking to get to the next base. Her fastball is between 52-55mph. Her change up is 37 mph.

24- Destiny Yoder – 2022- RHP/C – Fastball ranges from 52-54 mph. She has good movement on her pitches. Very athletic behind the plate. Picks balls in the dirt well.

28 – Madyson Wiggins – 2020- CF/OF – As an outfielder she reads the ball well. She made a great play on a shallow ball in CF. Gets a great jump on the ball.

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