2020 Summer Championship National Showcase – Team Rosters and Scouting Reports


July 17-19, 2020
Ambuc Complex – Savannah, GA

Schedule & Scores

Skills Testing

Teams have the option to participate in a series of skills tests:

  • Home to 1B run time
  • Overhand (arm) velocity
  • Exit (bat) velocity

Testing Leaders

Rosters and Scouting Reports

* PLEASE NOTE: Players written up on the scouting blog were identified by our scouting staff based on the demonstration of notable tool(s) and/or skill(s). While WE DO NOT KEEP STATS, we are watching for standout performers on the mound, at the plate, in the field and on the bases. However, a performance WITHOUT the presence of requisite tool(s) and/or skill(s) IS NOT considered standout — we are looking for players with the tool(s) and/or skill(s) to play beyond the high school level.

Teams are organized alphabetically within each age division. To view associated
content, either click on a team name or scroll down.

14U Participating Teams

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Firecrackers Camp/Bias

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5 – Bella Dejulio – 2024 SS – Player knows to back up all bases and saved 2 runs by backing up third on catchers wild throws. Showed good range and quick first step. Plus speed on base paths. 

15 – Ava Abel – 2024 C/3B – Very active behind the plate. Not afraid to make throws and try to pick off runners. Has a strong arm.

52 – Olivia Lameau – 2023 RF – Player who has good hands and trusts her swing. Works to get her pitch as a hitter.

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TN Heat

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16U Participating Teams

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Angels – Reynolds

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Firecrackers – Gibson

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5 – Madison Bunnell – 2023 3B – Throws 57 consistently.

12 – Jordyn Krieg – 2023 OF – Laid down a good bunt and had the speed to beat it out at 1B.


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Prospex 04 Gold – Roper

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4 – Somer Stewart – 2022 1B – FB sits at 55-57

9 – Grace Hummel – 2022 SS – Commands the defense. Good hands on defense and had a nice backhand.

37 – Madison Williams – 2023 2B – Good presence in the box with a nice swing. Goes deep into counts during her at bats.

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18U Participating Teams

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Angels 02 – Reynolds

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0 – Samantha Pitts – 2020 3B – Great range in CF. Very fast with strong arm.

4 – Francie Gaskin – 2020 RHP – Good game awareness — looks for lead runners.

5 – Katie Rearley –2020 P/OF – Throws 57 consistently. Has a nice low rise ball. Swings the bat well in the box. 

7 – Addie Reynolds – 2021 1B – Moves well behind the plate.

8 – Enna Lackey – 2022 2B – Fast lefty slapper.

10 – Shylah Thames – 2021 SS – Strong arm from SS. Swings the bat well. 

11 – Emma Jones – 2023 2B – Very athletic. Nice low setup on every pitch. Backs up every play. Strong arm. 

54 – Julia Carter – 2021 P/1B – Throws 58 consistently. Has good off speed pitch. 

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Angels Gold – Holton

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Firecrackers FL Bias

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2 – Samantha Groves – 2020 SS – Player with good speed, great hustle and has nice, smooth game. In the box, she hits the ball where it is pitched.

3 – Lindsey Corazzini – 2022 C –  In the box, she handles the bat very well. Has good swing and power. Good eye. Very heads up baserunner with good speed. Very strong and accurate arm. 

5 – Faith Campopiano – 2020 1B – Calm and confident presence on the mound. Stays around the zone, moving the ball in and out well. Good late movement. 

22 – Ashlee Gonzalez – 2021 OF – Great speed with good base running instincts. 

33 – Kelly Keating – 2022 IF – Player who hustles and moves every pitch. Never gives an out away. Setup is nice and low. Good strong arm.

34 – Savannah Miller – 2021 3B – Great blocking skills. Strong and accurate arm. Shows consistent contact at the plate and good bat speed. Great all around player. 

99 – Gabriella Lindsey – 2022 IF – Changes speed and moves her pitches very well. Calm and in control of the game on the mound. 

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Jax Fusion Elite

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3 – Kendall Catherwood – 2022 SS – Swings the bat from the left side. Has decent speed but great IQ on base paths. 

5 – Mackenzie Williams – 2021 – Has a good bat with gap power.

15 – Isabella Mosley – 2022 OF – Has plus speed. Hit ball to right field with 2 strikes. Ability to shorten up and put ball in play.

26 – Naalie McGinnis – 2021 – Slapper who is short to the ball. Knows how to place it on the left side.

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Osceola Overdrive

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0 – Shelby Jones – 2020 P/OF – Throws 57 consistently. Spots/locates her pitches well.

11 – Amy Macnab – 2020 OF – Always in the game and constantly moving every pitch. Plus range; making every play up the middle.

15 – Brianna Bailey – 2023 – Communicates well on fly balls. Has good speed.

42 – Kayleen DE Jesus – 2022 C – Athletic at 3B with good low setup on every pitch. Strong arm, very quick, and great in game knowledge (in every play, knows where to go with the ball).

55 – Amanda Whalen – 2023 IF – At shortstop, she backs up pitcher on every throw. On the mound, she will not overpower you with speed (low to mid 50s) but hits he spots and battles.

88 – Andrea Cowen – 2020 1B/C – Very solid catcher. Frames well with low setup. Works hard on every pitch. Very vocal and shows leadership skills.

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Richmond Ruckus

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8 – Kaylen Cales – 2022 2B/SS – Very athletic. Has great field awareness along with great range at SS. Strong arm. In the box, she hits with power. Speed on base paths. Solid, strong player.

11 – Brianna Bowen – 2022 1B – Good contact hitter. Nice hands in box and drove ball to left side. As a Pitcher – FB: 51-53 CH: 37-41

13 – Emily Sowa – 2020 RF – In the outfield she has good speed and ability to read ball well off bat. Has a strong arm. Nice smooth, short swing.

19 – Covonna Bynum – 2021 RHP – Throws a good changeup. Good command in the field. Had 4 out of 5 scoops while saving her team from runs scored.

32 – Shannon Monohan – 2020 C/1B – Blocks the ball well.

33 – Alexis Brandt – Very quick, nice low set up at 3B. Spent 1/2 game at catcher and had solid, low setup. Blocks the ball well with good frame work.

56 – Victoria Harr – 2021 OF – As a pitcher, FB: 57-59. Can vary speed and works the batters.

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SWAT – Hall

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TNT Florida – Rick

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6 – Haley Fardanesh – 2020 OF – Controls her pitches on all sides of the plate. Extreme confidence and grit.

7 – Kiara Meikle – 2020 OF – Plus speed and takes chances on making things happening on the base paths. Has ability to steal at anytime. Athlete! Great arm from CF.

31  – Ayana Bezares – 2021 3B – Has plus speed. Spray hitter who trusts her hands. Knows how to use the whole field. 

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West Boyton Lay Bandits Gold

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2 – Alyssa Dragovich – 2020 1B – 57-59 touching 60 with control on mound. Strong batter. 

9 – Illiana Hernadez – 2022 OF – Very athletic with good speed. Good arm. 

16 – Mary Polak – 2022 OF – Really nice hand behind the plate. She will hit to all parts of the field with power. Commands the defense from behind the plate. In the OF, she has a plus arm also. 

17 – Juls Schumacher – 2020 3B – Good bat; power and speed. 

18 – Kelsey Ganci – 2021 3B – Strong arm. Knows how to set feet and has body control. 

21 – Christina Penney – 2021 2B – Had an over the shoulder catch. Trusts her hands and plays plus defense. Team player who laid down perfect bunt to move runner. 

35 – Dani Deaton – 2021 1B/P –  Commands the mound with tons of confidence. FB: 59-63 

77 – Kaitlyn Cunningham – 2020 OF – Good bat. Has power and speed. 

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