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Audrey Lyle Commits to Division I Belmont University

Audrey Lyle, ’18

On April 11th, after considering multiple offers, Audrey Lyle verbally committed to continuing her education and softball career at Division I Belmont University. Five days later she hit her first high school career home run for the Westlake Demons as a sophomore on the varsity team.

Ryan Schweikert has been Audrey’s Softball Factory Player Development Coordinator since 2013 and has seen her transform into a competitive athlete.

“Audrey progressed [over the past few years] extremely fast for a girl her age. She has a great work ethic and a great support system [in her family] that has helped turn her into a Division I player,” said Schweikert.

Lyle began her journey with Softball Factory in 2013, attending a national tryout in her home state of Ohio. Since then she has attended multiple high level, invite-only events including Select Training at Vero Beach, 2014 Softball Factory Christmas Camp and Tournament, and the 2016 All-American Pre-Season Tournament.

Evaluations at these events are done by Softball Factory on-field directors and coaches. Audrey’s evaluations consistently praised her advanced techniques, improvement between events, and the hard work she put in to get there.

“I am so thankful for all of the support and instruction I have received from the Softball Factory and its coaches over the past few years,” said Audrey by email. “They taught me how to become a better softball player and person.”

Audrey’s parents, Rick and Laura Lyle, are thrilled to see their daughter find her future home at Belmont.

“The campus and its coaches and players were everything she could have imagined when looking for a place to call home,” said her mother Laura, “She is going to keep working hard so that she gets to Belmont ready to contribute, both on the field and off.”

2016 Pre-Season All-American Recap – Standout Players

The 2016 Under Armour Pre-Season All American Tournament took place this past weekend in Vero Beach, Florida. Unfortunate rainy weather caused some itinerary changes, but the players were able to quickly adjust and finish out the weekend strong.

Twenty-nine elite athletes from 17 states took part in the event at the Historic Dodgertown Complex. The young women were split up into three teams: Carbon Gray, Purple, and High Yellow for the tournament with Team Carbon Gray taking the championship. Full team rosters can be found here.

Player Development Coordinator Julia Rice spoke at Friday’s opening ceremony about her college softball experience as well as her passion for helping student athletes to succeed in the classroom and on the field.

Here are six standouts from the 2016 Pre-Season Tournament:

Gaby Hay

Gaby Hay

Gaby Hay, ’17 (Team Carbon Gray #13) – Offensively a triple threat hitter. Gaby was recently named Softball Factory’s Christmas Offensive MVP. She moves well defensively and has great range in the outfield. As a pitcher Gaby hits her spots, spins the ball well, and has a great screwball that makes hitters swing and miss frequently.



Alexia Lomax

Alexia Lomax


Alexia Lomax, ’18 (Team Carbon Gray #8) – Alexia is a versatile player that performs well when positioned in the outfield or infield. She is a big threat at the plate, getting on base more often than not. Alexa has a great swing and barrels the ball up extremely well, showcased when she started a 2-out, five-run rally in game 1 with a triple to center.


Brett Coleman

Brett Coleman


Brett Coleman, ’17 (Team Purple #7) – Brett is an impressive pitcher we saw continually clock in the high 50’s throughout the day. Her curveball she throws exceptionally well and spots that pitch which makes hitters swing and miss. She is not afraid to throw inside and go right at hitters. Brett really impressed our coaches with her stamina and composure


Candace Yingling

Candace Yingling


Candace Yingling, ’19 (Team Purple #14) – Candice really understands the game, making her a huge threat both offensively and defensively. She has great game awareness and moves exceptionally well to cover a lot of ground.





Sidney Wagnon

Sidney Wagnon


Sidney Wagnon, ’18 (Team Carbon Gray #3) – A versatile left handed triple threat at the plate that’s quick out of the box and has great footwork. Sidney is aggressive defensively and not afraid to get dirty. She understands the game and is able to communicate well with her teammates.



Logan Leverette

Logan Leverette

Logan Leverette, ’16 (Team High Yellow #5) – Logan is a 2016 commit to Lander University in South Carolina. She has great range and presence in the outfield. Logan has a strong arm and showed the hardest velocity of any of the girls at the event. She also shows a strong presence at the plate.





The next event on the 2016 Under Armour National Showcase Schedule is the Spring Classic, coming to Historic Dodgertown in Vero Beach, FL, May 20-22, 2016! View the rest of the 2016 schedule here.

Players Shine At The Softball Factory All-America Pre-Season Tournament

This past weekend in Clermont, Florida the nation’s best softball players participated in the
Softball Factory All-America Pre-Season Tournament, powered by Under Armour.

Four teams consisting of 37 total players participated in the event. Former Florida Gator
standout and 2014 NCAA Champion, Hannah Rogers spoke to the crowd.

The tournament was a success and showcased premier talent from across the nation. Senior
Director of Softball Factory, Lee Ann Jarvis, had a front row seat to the players and gives us her take on stand outs from the Pre-Season event.

Claudia Crowe – Sylva, NC (SS – 2016) – (Updated: 1/21) – What a gamer she is. She stepped up her game when those bright lights came on.

Claudia has a big arm and she has an ability to be a spark plug at the top of the order. She moves around the bases with ease and has an instinct to create runs with her legs and more importantly, her brain.

Eliza Eberhard – Sugarland, TX (SS – 2017) – (Updated: 1/21) – Wow. What a vocal leader and presence on the field. Eliza is so instinctual and her game smarts are off the charts. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a player that is so young, playing like an experienced veteran.

Vanessa Hernandez – Sanger, CA (SS – 2018) – (Updated: 1/21) – Vanessa is a tall player that passes the eye test for a short stop. She moves well and makes great adjustments on the ball. She moves well side-to-side and has the ability to go in the hole and make all the throws. At the plate, Vanessa has some pop and gap-to-gap power that will help her play at the next level.

Paige Holmes – Jacksonville, FL (C/SS – 2016) – (Updated: 1/21) – Paige can just flat out play this game. She is very unassuming but that’s the mistake, she’s legit on the field in all aspects. She handles the pitchers like a veteran and can hit a ton. Defensively, she handles her glove well at third base with ease and confidence.

Paige will definitely be a stand out at the next level.

Analiese Raley – Clovis, CA (C – 2018) – (Updated: 1/21) – Analiesa has all the skill set you look for in a catcher. Command of the game and pitchers, she’s a solid blocker and receiver with the ability to throw runners out. She has all the confidence in the world to continue building her game and taking it to the next level. I really liked her presence as a catcher and a hitter.

Skyler Shellmyer – Ubandale, IA (SS/OF – 2018) – (Updated: 1/21) – Skyler is one of the best players that we have in our system right now. She has great instinct, a presence and moxie while on the field. She makes it look effortless while in the field defensively, at the plate and while running the bases. I can see her playing big time in D1.

Hunter White – Stillwater, OK (SS – 2017) – (Updated: 1/21) – Hunter is a very confident short stop that has tons of moxie and plays the game with fire and intensity. She has tons of pop and home run ability at the plate and gives the max effort every time she is on the field.