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Important Changes to the PSAT

Some big changes have been made to the PSAT that will help to further define ways to emphasize skills of students and athletes to potential colleges. 

The PSAT is a standardized test administered by the College Board and cosponsored by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC), taken by high school sophomores and juniors in the United States. The test was first administered in 1971 and has gone through major updates as the education system has changed. The PSAT score is meant to predict a student’s SAT score and prepare them for the SAT. The new PSAT is applicable to all students and athletes.

Things to keep in mind about the new PSAT:

    • Unlike the old PSAT, the redesigned PSAT gives no penalties for wrong answers
    • The content of the new PSAT is meant to be more evidence and context-based, featuring real-world scenarios and data analysis
    • Emphasized skills include depth of analysis, interpretation of a word or idea in context, and multi-step problem solving

“The objective of these new tests is to reward students, not trick them,” said Bernadette Bechta, Academic Advisor for Factory Athletics.

By taking the PSAT students are able to qualify as a National Merit Semifinalist. Being named a Semifinalist is a huge academic achievement and will enhance college applications. It also means that a student can apply to be a Finalist and potentially win a scholarship from the NMSC or Special Scholarships sponsored by corporations and businesses.

“The benefit of the new PSAT/SAT is that it will reward students who study regularly and are knowledgable about the content they are learning in school,” says Bechta.

More information, including updated qualifying scores for each state, can be found on the PrepScholar website, here.

Scholarship Rule Change To Begin This August

Beginning August 1st, there will be a rule change within the NCAA that will affect how
scholarships are renewed.

Currently, as the rule stands, scholarships are renewed year to year, and although it wasn’t practiced often, coaches reserved the right to lower scholarships or pull them entirely from

The rule change, starting August 1st, verifies that at the Division I level, scholarships will be locked in for all four years. Division II however will continue with the renewal process.

This rule change is notable because it is for athletic money only. Athletes will still need to meet the academic requirements of that particular school to keep any academic aid they are
receiving. Each individual school has their own requirements.

Schools and coaches still reserve the right to pull scholarships based on such things as:
academic standing, team rules broken, as well as disciplinary and legal issues.