Softball Factory

Dear CJ, AJ and Coaching Staff,

We have been meaning to write to you ever since we came back from Vero Beach, but of course once you get into the swing of things … time flies by so quickly.

However, it is never too late to say “Thank You”. We didn’t have a chance to say this personally to all of you.

We as parents were blown away by your professionalism and dedication. The opportunity that our daughter had and the experience of getting instruction first hand from such an amazing group of coaches was priceless.

Not only did Christina have the chance to improve her game, but she came out of the camp with so much confidence in herself.

So many valuable lessons and concepts you guys provide is something that was beyond our expectations.

We hope to keep in touch and hope to see you guys again.

Lisdey and Christian Franco
Parents of Christina Franco (Futures)

Christina Franco - Softball Factory Select Training & Competition - Futures

Dear Rob,

My daughter Noelle got to experience your Softball Event this past weekend. Thank you for how organized it was. Everyone I spoke to did a great job. The coaches in the field were amazing. It was a very positive event. Thank you.

Suzanne Ryan - Under Armour Softball Factory National Evaluation


I know that I will speak to you sometime this week, but I couldn’t wait to tell you how amazing our experience was yesterday! Let me just say, everyone from Softball Factory that attended that session yesterday!

For the record, you were missed! Your dedication and passion in giving back to the sport is second to none…though, CJ could be your equal! Both Ed and Rob did an awesome job picking up the slack left by your absence. Ed was great! He did a really nice job taking your place and telling everyone what SF is all about. He had about a 25 minutes conversation with my wife and I and we spoke about everything. Great guy!

Rob is awesome! Knowledgable, passionate and approachable!

Finally, I can’t say enough about CJ! She is absolutely wonderful! Alexis absolutely adores her! The enthusiasm, passion, knowledge and overall love of this sport speaks for itself in the way she relates to all the girls! She is utterly amazing and an asset to SF and I cannot wait to see she and Alexis interact again on the field someday very soon!

What a wonderful experience!  I am so very happy that our daughter has people to look up to like yourself and CJ! I can’t thank you enough for being here for my daughter over the past few years!

Tony Palombi - Under Armour Softball Factory National Evaluation

Good evening Steve,

The Softball Factory World Series was a wonderful experience not only for Katie but for us parents as well. Katie loved it so much she was sad to see it end and didn’t want to leave. She made so many friends and became close with a few in particular and she definitely became a sponge and soaked up so much information both on the field and off the field. I hope she has the opportunity to do it again next year.

Looking forward to seeing the updates on her player page with the scouting information. I think she really and truly improved by the end for sure. She did happen to get an in the park two-run homer during one of the games lol! Thanks for checking up on her.


Rachell Bagley

Katie Bagley - Softball Factory World Series

Good afternoon,

My trip to Tallahassee was AWESOME!!! I really enjoyed being able to experience the “college life” for a few days while I was down there! It was really cool being able to meet people from all over the United States. Also, being able to ask the coaches questions most people wouldn’t be able to answer was really helpful!!!

Personally I had a very good tournament!! I would really like it if I got another opportunity to play with the Softball Factory again! I really believe yâ’all can help me achieve my dream of playing college softball since I was a little girl!! Look forward to hearing from you soon!!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to showcase my skills with the Softball Factory!!

Kayla Dempsey

Kayla Dempsey - Jacksonville Storm Tournament

Hey Steve,

Thank you so much for the opportunity to experience another Softball Factory camp! I had a great time, met so many wonderful people, and learn so many little things I can work on and improve my skills!

Coach Dave and Leah Majeski helped me with my hitting. Coach Leah noticed I was coiling too much when I loaded before I swung and Coach Dave gave me with a bunch of drills to help fix it.

Coach Nicki Trumpler was again a great source to learn so much more about infield. Every time the infielders got together, we all learned something new. She helped me on the proper way to cover the bag in all scenarios. She had an answer to every question any of us had. I enjoyed learning from her again!

Coach AJ Hamilton gave us new throwing drills and explained the purpose of all of them.

Coach Ali was the coach of our team, the “Comets”. She was so fun to play for and was so very personable and helped us in game situations. We went 3-2-1 by the way!

It was also nice to see Coach CJ Browder again as I saw both her and Coach Nicki in Oklahoma City about four years ago!

I had a great time in Vero Beach.


Olivia Johnson

Olivia Johnson - Softball Factory Christmas Camp & Tournament

Thank you CJ,

Thanks for a great camp and taking the time and investment that you all make for the girls, especially Lyla. Your passion for the game and making young athletes successful is unparalleled. We wish you and your families a safe and blessed Christmas and holiday season. Emmylou wanted to say thanks also – she loved the experience as well!

The Rulli’s

The Rulli's - Softball Factory Select Training

Hi Patrick!

We are so excited to let you know that Karizma signed her NLI last week to further her education and softball career at San Jose State University! It has been quite a journey – thank you for all of your advice and help with the recruiting process! She loved playing for Softball Factory in Georgia under Coach Leah and the rest of the staff this month.

As you know, she is passionate about softball and came out of that experience with even more love for the game than she had before! Something that not every experience offers!

Thank you again and Go Spartans! 🙂

Kind regards,


Karizma Bergesen

Hi, Adam,

Just checking in to say that Eden had a great time in Irvine & won the MVP. She also was able to get some of her numbers up — the arm and bat velo by 3-4 MPH. Most importantly, when I worked out with her today, it was a night-and-day difference between where she was before the camp and where she is now. Everything faster and more precise and stronger; most noticeable is how quickly she gets rid of the ball on defense. She was showing me all the drills she learned. She also made a good friend there, Myleigh Carper from Indiana.

CJ really took a shine to Eden’s manners and attitude and I was very impressed with CJ in the recruiting seminar and in a couple talks I had with her on the side during the 4 days. So I can’t say enough good about this Softball Factory experience & can’t wait to sign Eden up for the next thing. 



Advanced Training and Competition at the International Cup

Good morning Lea Ann,

We wanted to take a minute to reach out to you & CJ to say thank you for the wonderful week our daughter Mara had at the Softball Factory World Series in Vero Beach earlier in June.

It was such a great week of instruction, inspiration, hospitality and game play that Mara will never forget. She learned so much from the coaches & staff over the course of those five days that she will take with her moving forward in her softball years to come. The relationships she built with the new girls she met from around the country will be with her forever.

A special thank you to CJ, she has a spark about her that draws you in and Softball Factory should be more than happy to have her as a “new addition” to their team! Coach Majeski and Coach Waldrop were Mara’s coaches on the Gators Team last week and their instruction and confidence building they showed Mara as a player and a young woman athlete was remarkable.

We greatly appreciate the experience she had at Softball Factory!!

Hope to see all of you again!!

-Jim & Amy McKeon

Mara McKeon - 2018 Softball Factory World Series

Dear Coach Jarvis,

Thank you so much for having me at Softball Factory this year, I had a lot of fun. It was a great opportunity and I learned so much. I also met so many new people and made a lot of new friends. Hopefully, my parents let me come back to Softball Factory again.

Thank you again,

Marissa Moffett

Marissa Moffett - 2018 Softball Factory World Series

Hi Adam,

I just wanted to tell you, and hopefully you pass it on….Kileigh has LOVED every minute of this experience! She called me on her break a little while ago and said she wishes she could do this all the time and doesn’t want it to end tomorrow! My kid LOVES the game but it has been hotter than hot here for us coming from New England.. to hear her say that she’s not ready to leave, speaks volumes and is simply AMAZING! She loves her coaches… and their accents and has learned so much in these few days. I know this is way more than she expected it to be, as far as taking the game to a new level. To hear the happiness and enthusiasm in her voice makes it all worth while. We will definitely continue to be a part of the program moving forward so I hope you continue to keep us informed with all the upcoming events, she will not want to miss anything!

She’s super excited for the awards ceremony tomorrow and to learn what the coaches saw in her.

Thanks again to you and the entire Softball Factory Staff!  Great experience and we’re still not done here… now off to the fields for two more games!

The Hodgkins Family

Kileigh Hodgkins - 2018 Softball Factory World Series

Good Morning Coach Jarvis,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank the entire staff at the 2018 Softball Factory World Series. My daughter Victoria got so much out of the event! She was exhausted, but loved every minute she was there. My husband and I were beyond impressed with how the event was handled. Everything was managed with the utmost precision and thought. We were a bit nervous having Victoria staying in a camp environment. But, right from check-in everyone made us feel like she would be well supervised and taken care of. Every coach went above and beyond not only with on field coaching and training, but off field as well. Victoria learned so much not only about what it takes physically, but also mentally to play at the college level. We found the college recruiting seminar very eye opening. The vast amount of information you shared about the recruiting process and how to prepare for looking for colleges was priceless. She had such a great experience that she didn’t want to leave Friday. She can’t wait to attend another event! Thank you so much for all that you are doing to help these young ladies take their game to the next level!

Monica Negron

Victoria Negron - 2018 Softball Factory World Series


What a great week of softball. The Softball Factory World Series event was above and beyond any of our expectations. The instruction was amazing and the time on the mound for Lauren was immeasurable. She owned the mound and really showed up. Her coaches for the Gaters were so great and they really made the experience that much better. She really was impacted by coach Andi’s complements (she coached the Tigers) she was the coach who pitched at Tennessee and is from West Virginia and played for Japan. We would really love to contact her to express our thanks and to let her know how much Lauren appreciated her positive remarks and feedback.

This event was a forever memory for Lauren and Scott and I. As a matter of fact please look for Lauren’s little sister Janie who will be 12 this coming December at next years Swarthmore tryout.

We look forward To seeing her report from the week. She owned the mound and we are thrilled with the life lessons that she learned.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Linda Lofland

Lauren Lofland - 2018 Softball Factory World Series

Coach Jarvis,

I would like to thank you and all the staff at the Softball Factory for the opportunity to participate in this past weekend’s Rookie All-America Pre-Season Tournament.

The coaches were amazing! They were encouraging, knowledgeable, and so much fun! I really enjoyed meeting and playing with the other players. Not only did I have fun playing with them, but I also learned from them.

I am so appreciative of the opportunity to get to play the game I love with others who feel the same way! It was awesome! I hope to have many more experiences with Softball Factory.

Thank you,

Kiley Buckley

Kiley Buckley - 2018 Softball Factory All-America Pre-Season Rookie Tournament

Lea Ann,

I am Reagan Marchant’s father and I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you and your staff for running a tremendous event this weekend in Texas. My wife Michelle and I were so impressed again by the great efforts you and all your staff put forth. Your staffs’ extra efforts made the experience even that much more valuable to Reagan and the rest of the girls. Nikki was Reagan’s Coach and she could not have been better. Reagan absolutely loved playing for and learning from her.

Reagan looks forward to more Softball Factory events in the future and we also look forward to picking your brain at some point as we really begin the recruiting process.

Thanks so much again,


Reagan Marchant - 2018 Softball Factory All-America Pre-Season Rookie Tournament

Steve, Happy New Year to you.

Ayanna had an amazing time and experience at the Christmas Camp & Tournament. She learned a lot and came back with a new excitement for improving her softball skills.

She said the coaches are amazing and wish she had more time with them. She’s setting personal goals for this upcoming season. Meeting the other athletes across the country was good for her also because the things she goes through, they all go through them.

She really enjoyed the event and would like to attend another one in the future.


Clifton Clemons

Ayanna - Christmas Camp & Tournament - Session 2

Hey Josh!

Just wanted to let you know that Haleigh had a great time down in Vero Beach and actually hit a home run during one of the games. We also want to say thank you for choosing her to go down and play. She truly enjoyed it and it has boosted her confidence to new heights.

We hope you and your family had a happy New Year. Again, thank you for all your help Josh. It truly means a lot to us. Take care brother.


Haleigh Headley - Christmas Camp & Tournament - Session 2

Hello Coach Julia!!!

The camp was GREAT. Thank you so much for providing me with the opportunity to go. I did take a lot of notes in my notebook so now I can go back whenever I want and refresh on details. That was a great idea!!! I learned so much and got a lot of good instruction.

I felt like I got better after every day. Especially my flexibility. I made a lot of new friends and the food was AMAZING!!! I love how much playing time I got. This adds to my in-game experience. The umpires had a tight strike zone so the other pitcher (Lindsey) and I did have somewhat of a challenge. But it only made me better!!!

Thank you so much,

Christa Pritchard

Christa Pritchard - Softball Factory Christmas Camp & Tournament (Session 2)

Hi Steve!

Ariana did enjoy her time there! I’m glad that she got to experience this great opportunity. We are very proud of her and her improvements!  I’m sure she will be looking into some more opportunities with the Softball Factory try-outs/camps next year.

Thank you for all your help!  We truly appreciate the time that you have taken to help her now and into her future! We look forward to seeing her updated profile and we will be in touch again soon!

Take care and have a Happy New Year!

Ruth Banos

Ariana Banos - Softball Factory Christmas Camp & Tournament (Session 1)

I learned a lot about the game of softball, I learned something new in base running, short stop, pitching, batting, etc. The coaching staff was great and all the teammates as well.

Thank you!

Brianna Grotzinger - Select Training at Historic Dodgertown

Hi Julia, I hope you are having a great day! I would like to tell you how my experience was at my training at Dodgertown. In the past few months I have really been struggling with confidence while playing and I really found that while I was there and I am taking what I learned back home to my travel ball team.

My favorite part of the experience was how kindly I was treated by Coach Lauren Masters, she really helped me with confidence just by telling me she liked how hard I was swinging. I was just telling my parents that I really liked her and I wanted to be just like her when I get older. What really impressed me was the fact that she remembered my name and that meant a lot to me as a ballplayer, nobody has ever really been given a second thought about because of my size, so that really meant a lot to me!

Katie Allison - Select Training at Historic Dodgertown

Good afternoon Julia!

It’s Haley Laureta and I would just like to say that the Softball Factory in Vero Beach, Florida was such a life changing experience!

I have learned so many new things from keeping my fingers down in my glove while fielding, to keeping my front elbow in the middle of my chest while batting, beyond many other things. The coaches, staff, and players were so welcoming and amazing, I couldn’t have asked for a better group to improve and work with.

From stretching with Tippy, I have stretched new muscles that I have never stretched before and I will be bringing these new techniques to my other teams. Coach Chelsea and Coach Lauren were two of the seven coaches who constantly helped me and wanted to see improvement in me, as well as the other coaches, but their passion in helping me meant so much.

Playing in the rain was quite a challenge for not only the players, but the coaches as well. We all worked together as one big family to better each other and keep pushing, no matter the circumstances. I hope to attend another camp dealing with Softball Factory and I want to thank you especially for helping me along this journey and knowing what to expect.

I appreciate all that you’ve done and I can’t wait to work with you and hear more from you in the future.

Thank you!

Haley Laureta - Select Training at Historic Dodgertown

Hi Julia and Tracy,

I just wanted to drop you a quick thank you for working with K and Kelsey this past weekend. They both really enjoyed the camp and working with both of you.

I was able to take several notes on the catching drills that I can work with Kelsey on. As an ex-collegiate catcher, I didn’t really think about how I helped my pitchers, as you explained, but, will focus on that with Kelsey moving forward. K is so excited to say, “I can throw a curve”, and can’t wait to show it to her pitching coach tomorrow night at her lesson. That will be a very effective pitch to add to her repertoire, I usually go to the change on the outside off the plate, now we have options, YAY!

Thank you both,

Shelly Farro

Shelly Farro - FDI Softball Pitching and Catching Training Weekend

Hello Coach LJ!

I just wanted to thank you, as well as the rest of the coaching staff, for a great hitting camp this past weekend! It was very instructional, and I feel like I have learned a lot from every one of you. I have to keep working on keeping my weight back, waiting for the ball, and turn on it. I can’t wait for my next opportunity to work with you all again!

Thanks again for everything!

Jessica Roberts

Jessica Roberts


I wanted to thank you for such a great experience for our daughter Alexis yesterday. The staff of Softball Factory that was there at Mercer County Community College was fantastic! It seemed to me that all of the girls really enjoyed themselves, especially our daughter, even though she was the youngest on that field, she was able to hang with them.

The coaches/drills were fun and everything flowed with very little, if any, down time. Furthermore, the information provided about the recruiting processes for colleges we found priceless!

Thank you again for a wonderful experience! We will most definitely be attending in the future!

Tony Palombi

Tony Palombi

I had so much fun out in Vero Beach with Softball Factory. The instruction was very useful and I plan on using it in my own tournaments and to help make me a better player. All of the coaches were nice but they also worked you and wouldn’t settle for anything but your best. I really liked how this program showed me about the recruiting process and what colleges look for. I had so much fun in Vero Beach. I can’t wait to do more things with Softball Factory. Thank you for this opportunity.

-Taylor Hasting

Taylor Hasting - Vero Beach

Dear Coach Jarvis,

Aloha from Hawaii!  It was an honor meeting you in person at the Softball Factory World Series at Historic Dodgertown in Vero Beach, Florida on June 19th. I am grateful and want to thank you for the invaluable five days of softball that I was fortunate to experience.

The whole experience of meeting and being coached by awesome coaches, meeting other players who share my passion for the game, and the self-challenge to push to do my best and do what it takes as a team and successfully in the end winning the World Series Championship, are things that have impacted me in a big way and helped me become a better person and player.

I am following up on sending letters to colleges and am hoping I am able to continue playing ball.

I just wanted to send you a sincere Mahalo Nui Loa, Thank You Very Much, for everything!


Tia Takasaki

No. 2, Pink Team

Tia Takasaki - Softball Factory World Series

Dear Coach Jarvis and Coach Browder,

Thank you so much for the phenomenal experience with the Softball Factory in Vero Beach last week.

I learned so much and felt myself advancing as a player during my time at camp. I know it has only been a few days, but I already miss my teammates and the high caliber training there. I could not find Coach Trumpler’s contact information, so please let her know how grateful I am of her instruction as well. I hope to see you soon in future Softball Factory Events.


Kendall Gonya

Catcher(Carolina Blue Team)

Kendall Gonya - Softball Factory World Series

Hey Julia,

I had the best time ever in OKC, I can’t describe it!!! I met such wonderful girls and all the coaches were amazing and so dedicated. Although our field use was limited the last few days because it rained A LOT, I still learned lots of new things.

I learned things in different ways than I do here in the North. Coach Leslie was one of my favorites, she was so sweet to me and helped a lot with my fielding and hitting!! I can’t wait to see my new evaluation and see if I got better over these past few months. My roommates were so amazing and right when I got there, I felt welcomed by everyone. I will definitely look over the manual for more information. I also realized there was no opportunity for my video to be updated and wanted to see what I can do to maybe get it done again and add a few things. Coach Jarvis and CJ were amazing and taught me so much. We actually got to meet the UCLA players and got autographs and watched their practice which was such an amazing surprise. I would love to be part of another event in the future if asked to come back!! I really got to see what college ball will be like these past few days and can’t wait till I can get on the field and play for the college of my dreams. Thank you for all your help prior to this event and being so efficient with me!!! Talk to you soon.

Brooke McKay

My daughter Madison Bileski # 12 attended your clinic 6/1 – 6/4 (Softball Factory College World Series Select Training). I have to compliment you as well as your staff on the professionalism of how the clinic was conducted. Your entire staff was approachable and amazing. This was the first time that my daughter is away from me other than friend sleepovers, however your staff was strict with curfew and I liked that.

My daughter had such an intense training that she told me she went right to bed. We are from New York and my daughter was super excited to speak to her Player Development Coordinator Adam when he called this morning, because she had a great time.

Training was intense as we expected and wanted and the girls really had fun at the College World Series, especially when they got to meet Lisa Fernandez from UCLA. Coach Jarvis, you run an amazing program and even though it rained, the girls got the work in. We will bring a lot of pitching tips back to our NY travel team. As we boarded the plane my daughter asked, “When am I going back”?  I think being with the UCLA players and going to the WCWS  has truly motivated her even more. Madison cannot wait to go back to train with you and your staff…. Wonderful experience…. Cannot wait to do it again..

Sonia Bileski

Hey ladies, I wanted to tell you that at the end of last season and this winter Alyssa was really struggling with her love of softball and the game. She really did not want to go to Florida. She even struggled the first few days there, but when I picked her up from the airport she talked for an hour about the games, the other girls and showed me tons of pictures that a parent had taken.

High school tryouts started on March 1st and we had two new college ladies evaluating our girls. Not sure what has happened, but Alyssa has seemed to have fallen back in love with the game. Out of the 30 girls we had tryout, Alyssa was the second top scorer in points and only a 1/2 point behind number one. One coach that played at UMBC said she she was by far one of top players on the team. After 6 varsity games she is making some ridiculous diving plays at 2nd, presently hitting .500, slugging .722 and 3rd in runs scored.

I truly believe that even though she was a bit uneasy about Florida, your camp did something to make her start loving the game again. I am leaving her alone about the college thing, but the other day she said she wanted to do a few camps. Hopefully, that will start putting her back on the track of playing ball in college (She has started to mention it more often).

She references you ladies and Softball Factory a lot when people talk to her about softball. I wanted to let you know how she’s doing and how your camp has gotten her back on track in regards to the game that she loves.

Have a great day!

Bryon A. Sofinowski

Bryon A. Sofinowski

Hi Steve,

Desiree had a fantastic time this weekend. She said she learned a lot in every aspect. Yesterday, as we were leaving camp, she was already asking me if I thought her running had improved. This camp was a great experience that will help her as she goes forward. She really enjoyed all the coaches!

Desiree has also been putting her college list together and she was able to have a couple of questions regarding recruiting answered by the coaches.

Yes, we would definitely be interested in future Factory events. Please keep us posted. Coach Leah also mentioned to Desiree that they would be in our area again as well.

I was planning on reminding Desiree to email you as well. It was a late night getting home yesterday.

Thank you, again, for this opportunity! We appreciate everything!

Bernadette Montoya

Bernadette Montoya

Hi Coach Trumpler! My name is Jenna Balducci from Buffalo NY, I’m not sure if you remember me but you were my Coach for the Softball Factory Camp in Vero Beach in December 2014 (Go orange!).

I just wanted to let you know that I have recently signed to play Division II softball at Mercyhurst University! Though you were my Coach for only a short time, I always remembered how kind, encouraging, and how you pushed me to be better, you had a larger impact on me than you know. I hope everything is going well with you, and hope to hear back soon!

Jenna Balducci

Jenna Balducci

Hi, Coach Jarvis!

We just got home from the trip (our flight was canceled last night), so I wanted to quickly email you to thank you again for another awesome weekend!!

Every time I come to a Factory event, I learn even more and I have a great time playing with great girls! I was also really honored to receive the catching award! I have been working really hard, so it was especially great to get that award! 🙂

Thanks for all you do for softball and for girls like me! Hopefully, I will see you again soon!

Audrey Lyle

Audrey Lyle

Ms. Jarvis,

I wanted to say thank you for a wonderful weekend event that you and softball factory put on. My kid had a blast, not because she did well, but because she learned so much and met a lot of fun girls from other states.

Jenny Finch was amazing for my kiddo this weekend. That was huge!!! In such a short time, she learned a couple of things that she realized were different than what she had been taught for years. Things that can help her improve her game, especially in getting ready to play D1 ball next year.

She also had some great coaches, she loved her coaches and was having fun with them. Then…. her teammates. On the way home Saturday night she laughed all the way home, telling us about the girls from different areas and their slang and speech and how much fun they all had.

It was a great time all together. Again, thank you.

Jami Dixon

Casey Dixon

Hi Steve,

Happy New Year to you as well! Molly had a fantastic time at the Christmas tournament. She learned from some very knowledgeable coaches about ways to improve her game. She’s very thankful for the tips and advice she received. She also thrived in the environment at the camp. Specifically, the independent nature of it and meeting new people. It helps a player build confidence!

Mostly, she was thrilled to receive the Easton Gloveman award for her defensive skills! Her hard work was noted by staff and validated by receiving that award.

We appreciate all you are doing for Molly. Once her profile is created she would like you to reach out to her top picks (where she’s attended camps etc.) with your input on her performance. She truly wishes to play in college and continue learning to be the best player she can be!


Staci and Cleven

Staci and Cleven McChesney

Dear Coach Jarvis,

I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing me to work with such a knowledgeable, outstanding, and outgoing staff at this past week’s camp in Vero Beach, FL.

Also, I learned valuable skills that I intend to use to take me to the next level. I enjoyed playing for coaches that require their players to respect not only their coaches but also their teammates and the game. Furthermore, I appreciate the care and caution you put forward for me regarding my food allergies.

I look to working with you at a future Softball Factory Event.

Happy New Year!


Kaitlin Redling

Catcher/ 1B

Class of 2019

Kaitlin Redling

Dear Lea Ann,

Thank you so much for your email. Jayla had a great time and enjoyed your professionalism, and that includes everyone on your team.

We have looked at Jayla’s page and would like to thank you kindly for your evaluation on her performance.

Considering your remarkable background we do appreciate your opinion and professional words for our granddaughter.

Jayla will write to you personally to thank you.

Wishing you a peaceful Christmas and wonderful Holiday Season! My you be blessed with a successful and healthy 2017!

Best regards,

The Di Gennaro Family

The Di Gennaro Family

Coach Jarvis,

Thank you for the amazing opportunity to play on the 18U team in Savannah, it was a great experience and I learned a lot! I apologize that I didn’t play my best, I was nervous and under the weather but I tried my best to pull through. I’m looking forward to learning from you again in Conroe, TX! I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!


Brittany Castillo

Catcher – 18U team – McAllen, Tx

Brittany Castillo

LeeAnn, just a short note of thanks to you and your staff for a great Savannah event.

Caroline continues to work hard on her opportunity areas with your guidance and is always better prepared for her club winter workouts, High School and Travel Ball thanks to the Softball Factory Training and your leadership.

I wanted to tell you now, she would not during the event, her grandmother (she was very close to) passed away suddenly while we where in Savannah on Friday. Caroline insisted on staying and powered through it and the funeral was yesterday. She is a trooper and very competitive, she was not pleased with her performance, especially hitting, and hopes to get another shot a year from now at the same event. Her words; “I sucked”. She had a lot on her mind and her roommate also left early, all good life experiences as you learn to deal with adversity. She really enjoyed the team and all the coaches, they have become very close.

Anyway, we look forward to Vero Beach and no distractions!  (She is convinced to show you she is a great hitter, she is)

Enjoy the Holidays and see you in Florida.

PS: She is on the radar with both the University of Massachusetts and University of Rhode Island, will keep you posted.

Chuck Deem

Chuck Deem - Softball Factory Fall Classic

Good afternoon Steve! All I can say is wow! What an amazing experience. Shae felt like she learned a lot and loved the coaches. And while she was dying of exhaustion and soreness for days after, she said she would work with Tippy on strength and agility any time!

We are grateful for the experience and actually hope to participate in future events. CJ did a great job running the camp as well.

Thanks again and we look forward to hearing from you.


Michelle Carter


Thank you so much for checking on Kamryn. She had an amazing experience. She learned so much in so many different areas. She and the other two from this area that attended have shared their “notes and learning” with their travel coach and he is tailoring their workouts and practices around their learning to continue to reinforce what they learned. I so appreciate you requesting that Kamryn could room with Gabby and Posey that also gave her (and me) much comfort and confidence.

There were no tears and lots of laughter and great memories made as well as growing her softball skills as a result of the training event. We look forward to receiving the scouting information on Kamryn. She loved her coaches and felt like she learned a ton.

The 3 girls were traveling alone and for the first time by air I so appreciate your staff being prompt in picking up the girls at the airport. The travel, the facilities, the staff were all amazing and so worth our time and money. We thank you again for this amazing opportunity for Kamryn and look forward to continuing to work with you.

Have a great thanksgiving


Robin Cottrell


I’m on the plane at the moment, heading back from Vero Beach, and I just wanted to give you some feedback about how the camp went.

I really appreciate you and Softball Factory giving me this amazing opportunity, and I had a fantastic time and met some amazing people. I have nothing but great words to say about the camp besides the fact that we had little to no “free time.” By free time, I mean time that can be used to get to know others in the camp. I would love to come back given the chance because having the opportunity to work with world renown coaches was priceless. By the time I had to leave I was devastated. This camp has improved me so much as a player in such a short amount of time. I learned more in the past couple of days than I have in the past couple of years! You and this organization have given me an experience that I will never forget and I will be taking everything I’ve learned back to my team!

Thanks again,

Allison Rataczak

Allison Rataczak

Hi Julia,

Caylas’ first words to me were, “I am ready for college,”  she totally enjoyed the three days. She loved the staff, met five friends that are staying in touch, and this is the first time she said she ached all over. She loved the outfield tips she got from the coach and even had a total blast during the van rides. She said her driver the coach that played first base was so much fun. She cracked me up too she couldn’t wait to have something other than a water. Great life lessons with the roommates and the entire experience was a A+.

Thank you so much for the opportunity!

John Abbey

John Abbey

Hi Steve,

The training I received at the World Series in Vero Beach, Florida was an awesome experience. I learned several skills. Some of the skills I learned were defensive skills like on my glove side and how to properly tag someone when the runner is stealing or leading off at third base for a pick-off. Another skill I learned was to hit properly off the tee and not just go out there and hit off a tee. I am going to use the drills and mechanics I learned this past week in practice and in games. The training was very helpful and worthy. I am looking forward to another Softball Factory training.


Mary Elisa Villarreal

Mary Elisa Villarreal

Hey Julia,

The College World Series Event was awesome! I loved everything about it. I learned a lot including new skills and some new recruiting advice. Over all it was a great experience being able to room with a roommate and meet new people while getting to enjoy playing softball all day. At the end of the event when they were giving out awards I got the MVP award and received Under Armour glasses that were very nice. I am glad I went to this event and would want to look in to going again next year.

Destiny Quiles

Destiny Quiles

Dear Steve,

Good evening!

I just returned from Oklahoma City and wanted to reach out to you to let you know that I enjoyed the select training from Softball Factory. The scrimmage was fun because it was different pitching and hitting against different players of all ages. It was also fun meeting new players from different states and ages at the dorms. My roommate was the only girl from California and won the MVP player at the camp.

While I had fun at this camp, I also learned some things too. I learned new drills for pitching helped me with my leg drive and hitting drills that on how to stay focused on different speeds and locations to hit.


Kaitlyn Pickens

Kaitlyn Pickens

Coach Jarvis,
I just wanted to say thank you to you and your staff…. My daughter (Adrienne) has severe dyslexia, and has a very hard time with retaining information, unless it’s directly related to a specific softball play. And whatever y’all have done, she has done nothing but talk about each of y’all! She said the ones that worked with her personally the most were Kelsey, Cj, Leslie, and of course Tippy. We listened to her talk about things she needs to fix and things she learned all the way home. After we made it home, she went in and woke her daddy up who has to get up at 4:30 in the morning, and talked to him for an hour telling him about all the exercises that Tippy taught her and all the different things the ladies taught her and helped her improve.

So I just wanted to extend my gratitude to you and your staff at Softball Factory for making this a great experience for her and myself.

Thanks again,

Janelle Lewing

Janelle Lewing

Hello Coach Jarvis,

My name is Maria Prinzo (#10) at the Spooky Nook evaluation this past weekend. I want to thank you for providing me the opportunity to work with you and other athletes at the Christmas camp and tournament in December. To have the ability to learn from you who was an all-american catcher and D1 coach is certainly exciting and I know I will learn great things to further my game for college. I am very much looking forward to the event.

Thank you again for showing faith in my ability and allowing me to be part of this great event.

Maria Prinzo (Class of 2018)

Maria Prinzo