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Additional dates & locations will be added throughout the year for Players (League Age 9 – 12)

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What is Little League® National Player Evaluation & Training Tour?

The Little League® National Player Evaluation & Training Tour is your chance to improve your skills while learning the fundamentals of the game. During the event, players will work with professional instructors through multiple exciting softball activities. Instruction will focus on all aspects of the game from hitting, fielding, throwing, base running and pitching. The event will be divided into three segments:

  • Throwing & Athleticism: Players will go through a rotation where they will work on the accuracy of their throws as well as developing their overall athleticism. Being athletic is important in every aspect of the game.
  • Defensive Evaluation & Instruction: Players will rotate through defensive stations, each teaching a different position on the field. At the evaluation station, players will be evaluated on their defensive skill-set (footwork, hands, exchange, catching, form, throwing accuracy).
  • Offensive Evaluation & Instruction: Players will rotate through offensive stations each breaking down a different part of the swing. They will be videotaped and evaluated when taking batting practice. They will be evaluated on rhythm & timing, balance, bat speed, batting stance. The video of each player will be added to the player’s member section on Softball Factory’s website.

Our coaches will evaluate players on their abilities and receive feedback on areas for improvement both offensively and defensively. Our coaching staff includes former college coaches and players who will show each player how to refine their tools on the field. This event will improve consistency as a player. If your child loves softball and wants to continue playing at the next level, this event with Softball Factory will provide a positive experience for shaping your child’s softball career. They will learn the necessary skills that will help them develop their game as they make the transition to the next level and beyond. $99/player League Age 9-12 Each event will be limited to the first 50 players that register.

For more information, call 855.822.5115 and ask to speak with a Softball Factory Player Representative.

Who is Softball Factory?

SFStackedLogoSoftball Factory is the Preferred Player Development Partner of Little League Softball®.

Since 1994, Factory Athletics, the parent company of Softball Factory has provided players with the very best in tournament competition, instruction and college planning and placement. Factory Athletics has helped over 50,000 players reach their dream of playing college sports.

How do I register?

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